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I Don't Gain Weight


Well obviously you know that I have a hard time gaining weight, and I need some advice. I get around 4000 clean calories a day but nothing is happening. I know it's not going to happen right away, but damn...

Help the skinny man out...


I have the exact same problem.


Ha, ain't it a bitch?


If you don't gain weight off 4000 calories then you simply need to EAT MORE. If you could lay out what you ate today it might give people an idea on where you are lacking.


How long have you been implimenting your current 4000 kcal diet? If it's been longer than 2 weeks, you should probably add more kcals.

Anyone can gain weight, it's just a matter of eating enough to do so. If 4000 kcals isn't causing you to gain weight, eat more. Simple as that.

Good training,



Current bodyweight, and the last day's food log please.


Are your lifts going up ?

Weight gain (of lean bodymass !) is a very slow process (very slow as in 10-15lbs a year slow, sometimes your weight doesnt change significantly for well over a month)

If your lifts aren't changing, you need even more food, try caloric dense stuff like peanut butter and the like


1) I hate you

2) Eat more

3) Why are you still reading when you should be eating?


This problem is so simple its incredible that so many people have this problem.

Not gaining weight off 4000 calories? 4500, not gaining off 4500? 5000.

Im not saying its easy to gain weight but its prety simple to fix if your not gaining.


if you're not gaining weight you're simply not getting enough calories u need to eat more problem solved


There is no such thing as overeating. There is only under-exercising.

Some of the best advice I've heard for people who have trouble gaining muscle is this:

Going to the gym and working out hard is important, but what really matters is that you eat a shit-ton of food. Every time you sit down to a meal, eat until you want to cry, then eat some more.

And if you're following that diet plan and you're making every workout better than the last workout in some capacity with either 5 more pounds or 1 more rep on a lift, then you'll gain weight. Depending on what kind of muscle fiber ratios and what kind of genetics you have, you might need to become absurdly stronger than you are now in order to see sizeable gains. What's your barbell row 6RM? Double that number and you've gained at least 20 pounds.


Yes, food log please. 4000 calories is a LOT of food. For the sake of reference, we're talking an entire loaf of bread, a gallon of milk, and a 3 pound bag of chicken breasts, EVERY DAY. On your low carb days, you'd have to chug a Coke can of olive oil just to make up the calories. That's not an exaggeration. Show us the food log, that we might help you.



Or 7 double cheese burgers!

Not to self, never try to bulk on bread milk and chicken breasts alone.


you also might be impatient, consistently eat 4000 calories fro 2 months


Alright, I'll start a food log today, with my next meal as lunch, I'll post it here in a minute, after I make it. And no, my lifts aren't going up... I have obviously hit a plateau... :frowning:


Breakfast : 7 oz steak
2 eggs
2 pieces of toast

Lunch: 2 ham and cheese sammiches (lots of ham)
Cheetos (lol)
2 big glasses of milk
cottage cheese

Thats what I have had so far today...


Go to your local supermarket get a few packs of Krispie Kreme Donuts! Yummy.


Alright... Might I add, if it wasn't already obvious, I'm trying to gain as much lean muscle mass with the least amount of body fat...


Could you provide with some stats, such as height, weight, age, number of years training, current routine, supplements, and a sample diet day?

Also, check out this article by Cy Willson...



Well sadly enough here are some of my lifts...
I haven't maxed squat or deadlift ever and my last bench max was a month ago +...

Bench (widegrip) : 185
Squat: ?
Deadlift: ?

I'm around 155 lbs and I'm 6' tall. This is my routine...

Monday = Chest/Back
4 x 6 on all of my exercises. (except bi and tri day)

Bench (widegrip)
Barbell Row
Incline Dumbell
Lat Pulldown (or pull ups)
Flat Dumbell Bench

Tuesday = off

Wednesday = Bi and Tri

EZ bar curl 3 x 6,6,8
Close grip bench 3 x 6,6,8
Seated Dumbell curl 3 x 8,8,10
Lying triceps extension 3 x 8,8,10
Cable curls 3 x 10,10,12
Pushdown 3 x 10,10,12

Thursday: Legs

Leg extension
Leg Curls
Calf raises

Friday: Off

Saturday: Shoulders

Military press (behind neck)
Lateral raises
Front Raises

I have been training for not quite a year. And I'm going to school, so maintaining an "elite" diet is near impossible but I can try. So I wake up, eat breakfast usually containing of eggs, peanutbutter toast, and 2 glasses of milk and maybe some orange juice and a vitamin. Before and sometimes after going to the gym, I have a Whey protien shake. Come around lunch time, I have usually meat as in Chicken, Fish, or steak, and if not it's some hefty ham & cheese sammiches. Usually have cottage cheese then and before bed. And supper is usually steak or hamburger.

So there ya go, help me out!