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I Don't Even Lift!

This is the first post of the training log that I’ve decided to start to keep myself accountable with other people with the same goals.

I’m a 19 yr old powerlifter who is also training to join the British Army. Best lifts currently are a 190kg (420Ib) squat,
115kg bench press (254Ib),
210kg deadlift (463Ib),
@bodyweight of 89kg (196Ib)

My current goals are:
230kg Squat (507Ib)
145kg bench (320Ib)
250kg deadlift (551Ib)
@bodyweight of 95kg (209Ib)

I’m currently following 5/3/1 with the ‘Simplest Strength’ assistance template with extra BBing work and two cardio sessions a week and will update this log after each training session. Thank you following along!


With those numbers, I will say that yes, I believe, you do lift.

But do you even?

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The best part of that video is “Oh, you are Arnold? My Bad”

Or something like that. Too good.

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I guess the OP ended up not lifting.


So, I’m not entirely sure how to make a new post on a thread which is why I didn’t update this sooner, anyway here goes nothing.

It’s been a long time since that first post and my numbers and goals have changed with it. My current numbers are: 210kg (463lbs) squat, 135kg (297lbs) bench press, 240kg deadlift (530lbs) @ 93kg (205lbs) bodyweight, 19 years old.

I will not be competing for 25 weeks, meaning I have a long off season in which I aim to get jacked, and hammer my weaknesses (namely the poverty bench). My goal is to reach 100kg (220lbs) bodyweight at more or less the same bodyfat as I have now, whilst improving all of my numbers (both strength and fitness). If you’d like to follow this journey, stay tuned here or follow on my instagram account (@kieran_does_not_lift) where I am much more active.

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Doesn’t lift for five months. Puts on 10 lbs of bodyweight and 150 lbs to his total. #blessed


This dude got some cheat codes or something damn.

If only it were that easy hahaha. I’ve done 2 meets since that first post which is where I set the new PBs, doing another meet this November so I’ve got a nice long time to fill out even more, I’ll be posting here more regularly now that I’ve got this forum thing sorted


Nice to see your regular updates!, im glad trainings going well for you and you are regularly logging.