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I Do Not Recommend...


Taking 40mgs of adderall drinking a redbull and working out in the same day. today i did chest and on my last set of db incline 5 x 5 i was doing 90lbs and when my spotter helped me get the first rep up i thought i was going to pass out, then i made the smart choice and decided to leave the gym and not do the rest of my workout.


What made you think that taking all that crap was a good idea??

Damn, I like my stimulants too, but shit....


well i took the adderall to study for a test i have tommorow, and then i just decided to drink a redbull before the gym....not great success.


well, chalk that up on the side of things not to mix. addy-bombs = suck


Adderall: speed for pussies.


Working out on amphetamines is an quite a dumb thing to do. They raise both your blood pressure and heart rate and combined with heavy weight lifting(big blood pressure booster), you can put a hole in your heart.

Adderal raises BP more than Ephedrine btw.


The primary risk of the ECA stack is in the effect of ephedrine on the heart. Ephedrine has been linked to deaths in people with valve damage, heart problems and heart disease, but also in previously healthy young adults when taken in high doses.

It is not recommended that stimulants be taken in users with a pre-existing heart condition. Additionally, there is some evidence that the long term use of amphetamines can lead to heart damage, but this has not been shown for ephedrine use.

Caffeine and ephedrine also act to raise blood pressure by approximately 4?7 mmHg on average,[citation needed] so users with existing hypertension must be careful that the stack does not increase their blood pressure to dangerous levels ? especially during exercise (for example, by lifting exceptionally heavy weights).


Taking meth and working out is even worse.


lol i remember when i took a bunch of aderall. i was up for like 2 days straight, i was walking with my friends then i saw my mom in her car down the street and i just ran off and got in and went to this outlet and filled out a ton of applications.

i walked into petsmart and im like are you guys hiring? then im like ok, but i dont want to clean any dogshit.

idk then i did a bunch of other miscellaneous things and took a couple xanax to finally fall asleep.

then i told my friend he was a dickhead for eating all the codienes...i should probaly be glad though cause god knows how i wouldve been on a mix of those things. its fun being a kid, eh?


wth you know about speed or pussy? ;p


damn man im never doing that again then.... But what happeneds with people who actually take adderall everyday, is it bad for them to workout or perform exercises that raise blood pressure?


you probaly never had high blood pressure to start with or else they wouldnt prescribe it to you.

im sure youre in the clear.

but be aware that adderall is a stimulant. caffeiene and sugar and guarana and all that other shit thats in a redbull is a stimulant too.

weight lifting increases blood flow (which is why you get the "pump" and your targeted muscles swell up) so if your heart was an engine what you did was just floor the pedal in 2nd gear and never switched to 3rd for 10 miles then dropped a wheelbarrow full of bricks on it then shot it with a pistol.

alright im probaly exaggerating...a little.


ya........ about being prescribed....


Most people can use adderall or ritalin(Methylephidate increase heart rate and bp, but not as much as amphetamine.) and work out just fine, but I always play it better safe than sorry. If it does happen to come up again, make sure your BP and pulse are in check. If you get a little dizzy or lightheaded, STOP.


I am not a doctor, so do not mistake my words for medical advice. IF a friend of mine were in your situation, I would tell him to make sure his pulse and BP are in check and to not exert himself too much. If he feels dizzy, lightheaded, sick, or not well, stop immediately.

I understand that shit like this comes up(esp. around when tests and essays are due), but try to avoid it if possible(go to gym, then take your legally prescribed drug, cause nobody here would do anything illegal.)


I want some adderall! Where can I get it?


do real drugs.


I find stims don't even help workouts that much. The best workout boost for me is modafinil.


wait, isn't that the generic name for Provigil?
the narcolepsy treatment.
well, they give that shit to soldiers on watch, so why not?

all I need is a good meal 2 hours out a rockstar and a couple of aspirin half an hour out and I'm ready to go.


With adderall, atleast you know what you are getting. Speed is full of nasty shit.


speed IS nasty shit.