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I Do Not Know What to Do (Prescribed with TRT)

male/26/weight162/ 6’3’’

I have been dealing with low testosterone for years and symptoms are annoying. i’ve went already to 4 endocrinologist and they all said they don’t know whats happening to me. but i might know. after a lot of research and a lot of test i THINK i might have kallman’s disease. heres my SBH at 79 (all 4 endos said this was alright) https://imgur.com/CGkd6mb heres my total t https://imgur.com/dVEPUdc heres my free https://imgur.com/yiSdxJC heres my lh https://imgur.com/jNw4Bnx heres my tsh https://imgur.com/8WfEOrr heres my cortisol https://imgur.com/48xdUWZ taken am without medication to reduce acth and here is with medication to reduce acth https://imgur.com/clijzDf. heres my acth with both medication to see if it went down or not https://imgur.com/m1aIr2T (i do however panic a bit before injection so this might go higher). and finally heres my prolactin https://imgur.com/bbMEq15. i did an mri for pituitary gland AND THERES A TUMOR but it seems its not doing anything? since prolactin levels are normal. https://imgur.com/QHozVvs https://imgur.com/ywYRXKn. idk man my case is weird and if i have depression its because of all this. this doc doesnt convince me and i dont wish to self medicate either. im willing to go to boston or somewhere else because here in puerto rico im running out of options. thanks for your time.

today i went to a new endo and he said clomid is a waste of time and does not produce any testosterone. he is willing to see me every 4 months and wants me to do it once every two weeks. self injection. https://imgur.com/r7d6Fg5 heres the prescription. he doesn’t know whats happening to me and why i have low test. so he just said 200 once every two weeks and check with him after 4 months.

https://imgur.com/jNjvpqG lab test of creatinine (i take creatine for gym) he said my kidneys liver are fine tho also my thyroid. heres my urnine lab test https://imgur.com/8kI7vpw anything to be worried about liver/kidney? thanks for your time.

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You have many threads in this forum. Have we worked any of these issues before?

Quite impossible to expect contributors to look through all of the past threads then follow 12 links to more info and not be able to look at the big picture in this post.