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I DO NOT Have Trouble Gaining Weight...


I am carb cycling right now and the weight is piling on. Basically, I have 2 super high days, 2 high days, and 3 low days. Super high= at least 800g of carbs, 300g of protein and no added fats. High=500, 300, 100, Low= Less than 100, 300, 200. Over the last year, I have really learned how to manipulate my body composition. My last three meets I have competed at 229, 255, and 271. Those were only between october last year and april this year.

Anyway, I was hoping others would share how they have gained weight in the past or how they are currently gaining. What works and what doesnt?


As you manipulate carbs, are you adjusting protein and fat. Or is carb level the primary variable?


I've never had trouble "gaining weight" either and I've never been heavier than I am right now, 255 or so. My diet remains mostly the same day to day and consists of lots of eggs, meat and dairy. I also like to have huge meals before squat day/deadlift day, on the order of 2500-5000kkal in a sitting.


What is kkal?
Do you mean calories? If so, how the hell do you get in 5000 calories in "a sitting"?
What does a 5000 cal meal look like???


I think he is referring to kilocalories which is a unit of energy used more in chemistry. 1000 kilocalories = one food calorie. Hardly anyone knows the difference in the two but in the science community there is a difference.


Isn't it more like 1 food calorie= 1Kcal = 1000 "chemical calories".

What they write next to the Kcal value is usually KJ (Kilo-Joule), a physical unit which will correspond to ~4.2 times the value of kcal.


STB - Can you give me a cliffnotes (for your sake) of a typical of each day for you? Sounds like you've got this down.


I am the same - i can easily gain weight, often just by looking at carbs haha

I can operate pretty well with carbs only pre/post training and zero carb all the other time. I would only total 150-200g on a training day and that would see me maintain/ very slow gain.


1 "calorie" (lowercase c) is the amount of energy it takes to raise the temperature of 1 gram of water 1 degree Celsius. 1 kilocalorie=1000 calories. Kilocalories are also referred to as Calories (capital c) and are the unit that is used in nutrition.


kkal=calorie. And it's not that hard. I mean an xl pizza with 4-5 different meat toppings runs anywhere from 3000-4000+ calories. Add in a shake consisting of 100g whey protein and mixed with a liter or so of milk and you have something on the order of 5000 calories and well above 250g of protein.


You mean you don't consume 5000kcal worth of chicken breast, boiled spinach, and baked potatoes?! Damn, I've been doing it wrong.


Carbs and fat change. Protein is always 300-350g a day.



Super High Day:

Wake up, immediately drink a shake w/65g protein and 250g carbs from oats, maltodextrin, and dextrose

Small meal or shake consisting of 65g of protein and 100g carbs (usually a big ass gatorade)

PWO- Same shake as in the am

Meal- 65g protein, 100g carbs

Meal-same or cheat

Bedtime- Shake-65g protein

High day is about the same just lower carbs and some added fats, like natural peanut butter or olive oil

Low: all meals have a shitload of veggies

Meal 1: 65g protein, 30-50g carbs

2: Shake-65g protein, no carbs

3: PWO- 65g pro, 30-50g carbs

4: 65g pro, no carbs, 30g added fat

5: same

6: Same

Thats a pretty basic layout, sometimes fats are a lot higher on low days just to keep the calories up.


Thanks! That actually seems pretty do-able. I'm trying to grow a little, as I've been stuck around 230-240 for years, but I know it's because I don't eat enough. I might have to copy you.


extra white rice + more fried eggs in every meal : gain weight


So simple, it makes you wonder how people can't grasp diet.


I don't know how much fat you have on your high days, but just assuming it's around 50, that comes to 4850, 4100 and 3400 calories on super high, high and low days respectively. Is this what you ate to get to 271, or did you go way over these numbers when gaining?


Hahaha! Not exactly. Ever since I started doing that though my numbers have been climbing steadily, both the scale weight and my lifts.


I can gain weight by thinking about eating food. I can't bring myself to feel bad for "hardgainers". Yea, eat whatever you want and not pay for it, screw you. I'm sitting right around 290 still, going to go on an adventure this summer to try and get back to 240 without losing much muscle.


Basically at just like this, but not as structured. I had a few more cheat meals a week and oh boy were those cheat meals. Without the structure, my calories and macronutrient consumption was very inconsistant. This got me stuck around 270-272. I have been very strict with this plan for the past week and am already up 10lbs and I am hardly gaining any fat. The gain from 229 to 272 was pretty easy. From here up is going to take a little bit more work.