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I Didn't Realize I Was THIS BIG!


I'm feeling pretty good about myself the past two weeks. I've made a lot of progress in just 10 or so workouts.

I was using 25's & 30's for my dumbell chest press, and now I'm doing 50's.

I lost about 25 pounds (all water, but my pants are looser and I had to use new holes on the belt).

I sleep better. I can now do a solid 30 minutes of cardio without asking God to kill me now.

I see a slight difference and it's all the motivation I needed. Today was candy bar day! Only one a week. Sure, I'll lick a Krispy Kreme three or four times, but I haven't had fast food in a while.

I can't wear my size 60's, they bunch up. The old pants from way back in the closet (56's) are the ones I put on today. Not tight, not loose, just right. Technically I can wear 54's I just gotta be careful not to bend down to quickly.

A customer comes over to my place and asks me to come inspect a part that he needs some chrome plating on. It's an emergency, so I jump in his car to do the inspection. Let me rephrase that. I tried to jump in his S10 pickup passenger seat. I had to contort and hold on to the door as I compressed my body into the tiny truck. If I was in the drivers seat, I would have laughed my as off. I can tell he wants to laugh, so I blurt out "Say one fucking word and your price will triple!" Then I laughed and so did he.

I talked him into taking my 97 Lincoln where the seats were ALLLLL the way back. He's only 5'3" and he felt like a dwarf in my car.

So, I felt like shit. But it was a good shit, kinda like a fuel shit to make a fire burn hotter. I know I can't fit behind the weel of that S10. The new goal is drive that fucking truck.

Who makes these things anyway? I mean, WTF? Would it kill them to add another two feet of space between the wheel & seat?

Seriouslly, all jokes aside, I had no idea I was THAT FRIGGIN BIG! I mean I knew I was huge, but I didn't think that compact cars were beyond me. Can you imagine a Miata or Geo Metro?

THe reason I thought I could fit was because a friend of mine has a 2004 Chevy Colorado, the replacement for the S10 and I can drive it or be a passenger without a problem.

One day I'll share some of my airline storys.


Dude, I owned an S10 as my first ride. They aren't exactly roomy. I used to get jokes about how I fit in it and I was nowhere near your weight. I could fit in it though, I just looked big for it, I guess. I am just saying, you may not want to use that as the goal to shoot for. Either way, how many times this week did you make it to the gym?


Good Job so far, I'd venture to say you have lost some fat too.


I don't want to look cool in the S10 or go pick up chicks on Sunset Blvd. I want to be able to drive it.

I go 5 days a week. Monday thru Friday. So technically this week I only went 4 times (today being Thursday).


Tony I'm glad that you are staying motivated and are sharing it with us. You are realizing just what you need to do. Keep it up and keep us posted.


Keep it up man, keep it up.



As long as you stay motivated and consistent, it's just a matter of time man.

Just remember, the weight loss is fastest at the start, eventually it will slow down a bit... but keep on going.


get a yota like rockscars and rip the doors off of it, you'll look cooler




You just gave me the laugh of the week! That was both inspiring and hilarious!


Dude,at your size,you've lost alot of fat,even though it is only the first two weeks.at a higher weight,you can safely lose 4 pounds of fat a week at first.So keep up the good work,and just continue to do whats working.Great job.


Glad you are making progress and your f--king funny


I realize it's funny and I would have laughed if I was in the other seat. If that was on Chappelle or Saturday Night Live, it would be the funniest thing on earth.

BUT IN REALITY! I wanted to cry. I know I'm big. I always knew I was big. But I had no idea I was THIS FUCKING BIG. I almost asked "When did this happen?" Amazing about slow change, you don't really notice it.

Not fitting into booths? This was never really an issue for me because even when I was in the best shape of my life I didn't fit in a standard booth. But a CAR?

I'm praying somebody will teach me to "home brew", I've read that word quite a few times on this forum and I'd love to learn how. Well, I think I do. I don't really know what it is, but if it will build muscle, I know it will also burn fat.

I wish I could get a hold of Barry Bonds trainer to get some "shakes".


lol, I drive a s-10 so I look big. You've got the right attitude Tony, I wear 38 inch wast pants and fit fine behind the steering wheel. So you don't have far to go, no doubt you'll make it.

After that you need to set some kind of crazy goal like being able to do one legged jump squats up a set of stadium stairs.


There's no secret. Burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight. How fast you lose the weight will be determined by how many more calories you burn than you consume.


That was your wake-up call huh.

Mine was when I saw a big fat blobs picture reflecting in the window and realised it was me.


Amen! About two years ago I saw this fat guy in the mirror with my head on him! I knew it was time to do something.

700 days later, I still weigh 200 lbs, but my proportions have changed dramatically!

FT - Keep working out and take pictures - it'll keep you motivated!



I knew that I overdid my "bulking" phase the first time I felt my belly shake going over a bumpy road. Also when I put my belt on in the morning and felt the cold buckle because my gut was hanging over my pants was a little depressing too.

Tony, glad to see your hard work is starting to pay off. Great work and keep it up.