I Did Tren-E Only for My First Cycle

i don’t know if that was stupid or not although most people would say that it was.It was my first cycle (7 weeks,400 mg of tren-e/week) in which i gained 17 punds. The good part was that i felt like an animal for 7 weeks:my strength went up,veins were popping out everywhere,muscles were rock solid,people were asking me what was i doing to myself,every week i was getting bigger…bottom line is this stuff is incredible.Now for the not so good part:i had all the side effects-nightsweats,insomnia,gyno,shrunken balls.I got rid of them afterwards with some bromo and nolvadex.Now i don’t consider it a cycle anymo,it was more like an experiment since i did almost if not everything wrong(didn’t use any AI or testosterone during cycle).I don’t regeret doing it,i regret not finding this site before doing it wrong.I posted this because i’ve read something about not gaining much during a tren-e only cycle.

It’s great that you had success on it…next time, try combining it proper ancillaries and with a relatively low dose of T (say, 200mg/wk) and you should do even better and with fewer sides.