I Did Quit TRT Cold Turkey by Accident, Now What?

I was planning to quit TRT after 1,5 years due to how poor it made my sleep and had a HPTA restart protocol in mind… BUT… 3 weeks ago i’ve had to switch to some other pharmacy for enanthate and it turned out the be fake gear!

I wasn’t aware of it until i did a bloodwork couple of days ago. The only reason i did the bloodwork was i was suspicious because my sleep quality became better day by day… Result was below the range TT, worse than prior to TRT.

This means i accidentally quit cold turkey yet the only differences on how i feel are ;

1)Dry and red eyes all day. (Is this because of low E2? How long will i deal with this? Should i see an ophthalmologist?)
2)Slightly more fatigued after 6-7pm.
3)My wife says my skin is too dry now and it was so much better and “shiny” when on TRT.

That’s about it.

What i am saying is TRT never gave me that boost of energy or made me feel great in general. Or maybe i haven’t crashed yet and i will feel much worse later on… Not sure… If anyone who quit cold turkey can enlighten me , i’d be greatful.

Though imo i should look elsewhere, as in my problem is smth else , such as cortisol etc.
TRT def. wasn’t for me. At any dose between 82,5mg and 175mg that is…

Last but not least , can anyone pls tell me how long should wait for my HPTA to restart so that i can go get a bloodwork to see where i am at?
Or does it makes sense at all to start HCG after 3 weeks of quitting?

Thank you.

The pharmacy gave you a fake pharmaceutical?

Do you have access to things like Clomid?

Oh yes… I am in talks with my lawyer to sue them.

They are blaming covid for it😂

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Yes. In 5 mins i can acces it tmrrw morning. But i didnt wanna touch it after 3 weeks and wait around a month for my hormones to settle on their own. Was that a dumb idea?

If you aren’t having any issues I’d lean towards letting it work itself out. Clomid side effects suck for a lot of people and HCG is going to suppress natural production as well. I am interested in hearing what other people think, though.

I could see that argument that you NEED more T than that for hearth health, etc. so you need to get levels up some, which would mean Clomid isn’t a horrible idea for a short time to see if it speeds up getting your natural production back. IMO if HCG works then you’re already capable of producing T and it comes down more to whether your pituitary is sending LH/FSH that would tell them to do so, which is more where Clomid comes in.

I’m sure some others will respond with more experience on this type of situation though.

Quick story. Long, long ago (like, 15+ years) I was an idiot and decided to take T. I have no idea how much I was taking but my balls shriveled to almost nothing QUICK so I’m assuming it was a couple hundred mg/week. I stopped after a few months with no clue what PCT even meant… eventually everything went back to normal on it’s own and I really don’t remember feeling bad during that time period.

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Honestly i have no difference on how i feel compared to when on TRT… Mainly because i wasn’t feeling great on TRT either… I don’t know if it was the case for you back then.

But my eyes… I can barely look at my phone screen right now.

My LH and FSH was low (but in range) prior to TRT. Does that mean HCG wouldn’t work for me?

It’s been 3 weeks. The test isn’t even out of your system yet. It takes 4 half lives for 97% clearance. Then your body needs to catch up. The shit hits the fan in another month.

Whats the name of the pharmacy? How do you know its fake gear? How did they use Covid as an excuse? Lawyer? Somethings off

So i will crash in another 3-4 weeks? My TT from last week showed 2.02 ng/mL (2.49 - 8.36)
I am sure my E2 is crazy low too… So i am just wondering how worse can it get numbers wise?
Shouldn’t i already experience the worst right around now symptom wise?

The pharmacy is in Istanbul , Turkey which is where i live. Officially and legally only Sustanon and Nebido is being sold in the pharmacies here and you can get them Rx free along with things like Primobolan , Proviron , Clomid , thyroid meds etc.
Some pharmacies are able to bring the enanthate for you via their own sources. They blame Covid because their usual source who brings German made enanthate such as Bayer and Galen wasn’t able to do so and they’ve had to find another guy who can source enanthate from somewhere else… In this case it was called NasPharma… Which turned out the be fake…

I warned the pharmacy before buying and ask them if their guy who imports the stuff is %100 sure it’s legit… They told me not to worry :slight_smile:

You can and likely will get worse numbers wise and no you are not experiencing the worst already. The crash comes after the test is out of your system and your body adjusts to those lack of hormones. Just like when you jump on test it takes some time to feel results… it works that way in reverse too.

Great. I can’t wait!

Seriously though… I thought my eyes’ burning sensation was the sign of the “crash”. Oh well.

Its not ALL that bad to be honest. Some anxiety / moodiness, softening of physique, and libido decreasing is normal.

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How did your cold turkey go?

Absolutely much better than i expected.
In fact i am feeling and sleeping better compared to TRT. The only thing that bothered me was the dry eyes which i think was due to low E2.

Oh and also my TT level now is better than it was prior to TRT. (279vs375).

Awesome! I’m thinking of doing the same. You were on for 1.5yrs? How were your mood swings and general well being once your body started re adjusting itself & did you do anything to help alleviate? I’m just trying to prepare myself if I go this route.

It’s not the end of the world. I had some hot flashes for a week or two, that was probably the worst of it. I feel decent now though. I starting having some anxiety issues so I haven’t taken any T since November’ish


I am sure everyone’s experience will be different but my mood swings were minimal.

To tell you the truth , the worst thing happened after quitting TRT is that i’ve lost my desire going to the gym. Of course the pandemic has an huge effect on this too but i didn’t even do a single push-up at home since November.

This led me to gain weight/lose muscle and eating unhealthy much more often vs when i was on TRT.

BUT , as i said , i feel better mainly because i can sleep now ffs🙂

I prolly would have if i actually did quit on purpose.
I just continued taking some of the supplements but after some time i’ve found myself needing less of the many supplements i took. Now i am only down to daily Vit-D and B-complex. I’ve spent a small amount of fortune on supps. during that 1.5 years on TRT hoping something would “fix” my sleep.

Why are you planning to quit TRT btw?

I didnt know i had low T until I saw a doctor for libido issues. That’s main reason I started. That issue did not go away. I’m also tired of jabbing myself and keeping up with the routine/schedule. I dont want to destroy my muscles from poking & sub injections gives me on site lumps for almost a whole week. I enjoy the aesthetic effects, but if it’s not addressing my main issue why keep going. I think I was mis diagnosed from the jump by a dr who’s auto response is take some T.