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I Did Not Get an AI and Just Started Cycle HELP?!

I had no clue about the importance of AI’s because a friend who uses says he doesnt need it and guided me in an unsafe manner, I kept reading up on it and I finally just don’t feel comfortable taking his word and it’ll take me a month to get hands on an AI - I have nolvadex on hand - should I take this as a substitute for the AI??? I know it’s a SERM but it’ll just block the estrogen and keep my test levels high correct? All the AI does it prevent the aromatase? Quick answer please? I just did my first week of 500mg of test E what are your thoughts please - also if you’re just going to say “you should have done your research idiot” I get that but why are you on a webpage that’s meant for guidance and mentoring purposes.

If enever done it but there’s posts about taking nolva during cycle… search for them…

Stop pinning until you have everything you need or think you will need. You will be fine from one weeks worth of 500 mgs of ugl gear. Don’t be so impulsive next time. Taking Nolva will prevent you from developing gynocomastia. But your E2 levels would still likely be elevated and you could still have all other sides of elevated E2 levels possibly.

Honestly just don’t even touch the stuff. Just eat clean and train appropriately. You aint really bout dat life.

OgleBee I would but 500mgs is still enough to throw me out of whack - I see people say they use 10mg of novaldex which I can do that and have another order of amidrex and another nolvadex come for my pct and stop using my nolvadex during cycle and use the amidrex .5mg EOD and I have to be about that life because the normal life is boring