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I did IT!!!

Thats right ladies and gents,… I puked! I tired to push myself for 6000 calories and around 5500 MY strawberrylow carb shake, salmon, nuts, EPA/DHA pills, and my flax oil all came up! What a waste of a fat meal huh?

Im going to stay at 5000 for a week or 2 more until my stomach stops being a pussy. Good news is that after about a week of massive eating im up 8 pounds and no joke actually look leaner. I love JMB, hes my hero 250! here i come.


I’m still trying to get up to 5000.

If you were hardcore you would have eaten it, again, with a spoon.

Its actually kinda funny, when you think about it literally, and im seeing you looking down at your stomach and saying in a fatherly tone, " You know one of these days your gonnna have to grow and quit being such a pussy all the time", “Sex check on aisle 2, sex check on aisle two”.

Maybe its just me and this damn week long flu is getting to my brain cells. IDK


I remember my attempt at massive eating back in January. I got up to 6000 cal and managed to never throw up, but I remember driving home from work several days with a container of steak between my legs, slowly trying to stuff every last piece into my mouth. After each bite I would start to gag and my eyes would water and sometimes the food would start its journey back up, but each time I managed to hold on. Eating yourself to oblivion isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

i remember putting that meal in my mouth… My mom told me i looked miserable, like it was a chore to eat. She’s like one day your gunna puke… I was like, mom be quite i need to grow. Seconds later i saw my reflection in my own puke. What a pretty site.

Hey nothing to fret about, eating is a chore when massive eating lol!

bobopunxs, I love it.

“She’s like one day your gunna puke… I was like, mom be quite i need to grow. Seconds later i saw my reflection in my own puke.”

Diary of a T-Man. Indeed.

You are one hardcore MF. Something I’ve learned that helps is to chew really heavily, like twice as much as I think I need to, before swallowing. And with something that tastes nasty (like cottage cheese) chew in the front of the mouth where you can’t taste it as much or activate your gag reflexes.

What I love about taking in 5,000 cal is the 2" of lard around my waist after two weeks.

i can eat 5000 calories with half my stomach tied around my back.

5000cals? That’s nothing…you should come to a buffet with me, I’ll put down 3000 in an hour.LOL

 8 lbs in one week? I would fathom most of it is water and glycogen weight, or at least hope so.

 In the past Ive put on as much as 30 lbs in a month. Worst thing Ive ever done. At first in my naivete, I thought I was still reasonably lean, however in the end it was just too much work trying to get that fat off.

  I learned my lesson, and 30 lbs lighter and now hard and lean once again, I know very well to never put on more than 2-3 lbs a week at the most. Any more than that you're sure to gain too much fat in proportion to the muscle gained.

  Obviously in the first 1 -2 weeks, you're sure to gain a considerable ammount of water weight, and some from full glycogen stores as well as trygliceride stores (the equivalent of glycogen stores, but these energy reserves in your muscles come from the fats you eat), which can be 2 lbs. Bottom line - be careful and dont put on too much weight too fast. Only instance someone would put on that much weight without getting excessively fat would be someone living off the juice (notice the part 'living of of')