Hello, T-Maggers.

Just wanted to share my success story.

I’ve got one week left to go on my third Mag-10 cycle. I’ve FINALLY hit 200 pounds, weighing in yesterday at 202.5. I’m projecting to be about 206-207 by the end of my third and final cycle.

At 5’7", I started out at 169. The road has been difficult, but worth it. I trained extrememly hard and ate 'till it hurt, but the results are there! For the first time in my life I have 17" arms. I actually “look” like a bodybuilder, not just someone who throws some weights around occassionally.

I couldn’t have done it without Biotest and this forum. Who knows? Now that I’m taking Myostat, 225 may be in my future a year from now (and more ripped to boot!!) After lifting for over 10 years, it’s great to finally see the results I’ve been yearning for.

An interesting side note: although my waist got bigger with all the weight gain, it actually looks a lot smaller now because my uppper body and legs got so huge. Maybe the best “getting ripped” secret is the ultimate optical illusion…that is, make the rest of your body do damn huge that your waist looks tiny in comparison. Hey, it worked for me!

And the funniest part? Everyone at the gym thinks I’m on the juice. There is no greater compliment than when other people are totally convinced you’re doing roids. I said it before, and I’ll say it again…LONG LIVE BIOTEST!!!

Congtrats Mike, that is great work. I’m guessing you did this in three months. You say three cycles. Does that mean the standard two weeks on two weeks off?

That is a freaking great bro! It always feels good to make those type of unbelivable gains. Ive only done a couple of bottles of Mag, and gained 15lbs. None was fat though, i kept my calories a little bit lower than Massive eating since summer is coming up soon. Great job and keep up the good work!

Wow, great job! Congrats!! And you’re right the whole lean-thing adds to the illusion of size. Any competitive bodybuilder will tell you that - if you’re not a huge heavyweight competitor, that is. I’m usually in the middleweight (natural) or less than 125lbs. - but when I’m really, really lean - I look bigger (on stage). Ain’t that wierd?

I betcha the 'roid boys in your gym are hankering to hear what you've been stashing in your "shoe box". he he he! But this is fabulous and you should talk to Eric (who posts here) about submitting pics to put on the web!!!

I commend you and your results and before everyone gets all pissy with me for saying this realize i use mag10 also. But maybe the reason everyone at your gym thinks you’re doing roids is because YOU ARE doing roids. Hell even the inventors of the product will tell you this substance is a steroid. Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s not a roid.

Agreed, Mag-10 is a steroid, just a legal one. People who want to think of themselves as lifelong natural trainers may want to consider this issue before using Mag-10. That being said though, I’ve used it myself and I love it, so don’t think I’m talking down on it or anything. By the way Mike, great progress, one day I hope to be able to post something similar, but for now that day is far, far away.

hey, just curious how many calories above maintanance you were taking in this whole time. did you stick with 1000 over or did you eat more? the reason i ask is because i am on my first of 3 mag10 cycles and i also started at 170. i was hoping to gain maybe 15 pounds, but 30, DAMN! That is incredible. how much do you estimate was actual muscle of the 30 pounds you gain, since i take it you didn’t take body fat masurements?

great job bro. That is really impressive! keep up the fantastic work, and don’t let anybody take it from you.

Hi, all.

Thanks for the words of encouragement!! If I get a chance, I would like to post my pics on the web, along with other T-Maggers. Only problem is I don’t have any “before” pictures that show me ‘in the buff’, so to speak, but if worse comes to worse I’ll just post a “pre” pic in street clothes. I think you’ll still see the difference.

Shitdisturber (funky name, bro!), I did do the 2 on / 2 off cycle exactly as recommended. I used Tribex and M in my off weeks, and I also used 2 servings of Mag-10 per day. It was costly, but I seemed to retain most of my gains on the off weeks.

Eddie, good point. I guess Mag-10 is a steroid, to some extent, but since the good folks at Biotest call it a "pro steroid delivery system", that's the story I'm sticking to!!

Nic, I didn't do bodyfat measurements, but I would estimate that 80% of my gains or more were lean mass. In addition, I think I might have even gone as far as 1200 or 1300 calories above maintenance. Even more interesting was my training, in that I only trained 3x per week (all my schedule would allow), but those three workouts were extremely intense. I always increased sets, reps or both on every workout.

If anyone has info on the “pics” website, let me know and I’ll snap some photos after this last Mag-10 week.