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I Did Blood Tests. Thoughts?

I did blood tests
what do you think they are and what should I do?

creatinine 1,18 mg/dl

got (ast) 57 u/l

cpt (alt) 85 u/l

hdl 26 mg/dl

ldl 102 mg/dl

cpk 1097 U/l

fsh 0,3 mui/ml

prolactin 0,2 ng/ml

estradiol 19 ng/ml

testosterone 15,00 ng/ml

What are the ranges? It looks like your test is capped.

And what exactly is the question?

I wanted to know what you thought you see me good or you don’t see them good

What are the ranges?
What compounds are you using?
How far into cycle is this?
What AI at what dose are you using?

I want to know how you evaluate my blood values

Fine bro. Everything looks great. Perfect everything!