I Did a Bad Thing...HRT Related


I currently have insurance through two differant sources. 1st Doc wanted to start HRT today, and wanted to go the injections route… She wanted me to schedule an appojtment with an endo first…so while on the road making the appointment, i thought I’d stop off at me second doctor, who is about to become my only next month, and drop off the results…well…she (yup both she’s and both fondled my balls today)… saw the results and said: lets set you up with an Endo…and lets start treatment…

So, second doc gave me the test shot and both called in scripts for gel because I’ll be going away at the end of the month for five weeks…the idea being the shots will be the way to go, but the gel will help out while I’m away…

My total test was 125 and my free was very low as well.

I’d be careful with this. Doctors are already hesitant to prescribe Injectable Test. You’ve just given them plenty of reason to only let you use the gel.

You forget…I’m smooth.