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I, Diabetic Bodybuilder...


Hey all...
The I, BODYBUILDER thread was closed out so I wanted to start a new thread specifically with my question about it. It may have been in there somewhere already? But with 15 pages of posts? Ouch.

How will this program/Anaconda work for type 1 diabetic who wears and insulin pump? Basal and bolus rates must be adjusted, I'm sure, but are there any thoughts or suggestions for when these adjustments should be in relation to workouts, supplementation, etc...?
Any suggestions greatly appreciated(no offense, but legitimate suggestions more even appreciated)


You should ask someone who is better suited with 1) the program itself 2) diabetes.


sorry for sounding ignorant but are type 1 diabetics typically as insulin resistant as type 2 diabetics? if so i would focus on getting more insulin sensitive, if not i just worry how you would be able to figure out how much insulin you would need for the amount of sugar used to spike insulin in people with out diabetes.


Type I diabetics do not produce any insulin. Type II diabetics are the insulin resistant ones.


You sir are blessed with the ability of controlling insulin as you please.


Type I diabetics produce no endogenous insulin, generally because of beta cell malfunction. Type II diabetics may still produce insulin, but have deceased or little sensitivity to it. Many of these people can be treated with lifestyle changes, and oral meds.

However, there are type II diabetics that no longer produce enough insulin of any consequence...in essence they have "pooped out" the pancreas and require insulin. SO...I guess what i'm asking would be more for the coaches/creators of this program. WOuld this be "doable" for someone requiring insulin injections or a pump? How will it effect insulin sensitivity? (with fears of hypoglycemia in mind for the pump wearer).

We would ask our doc, but as everyone here knows, generally doctors hove NO IDEA how to deal with bodybuilders, and in our experience, a fit diabetic even less.
Thanks everyone, for responses. Appreciated


Not necessarily


Get on Lantus, it's the revolution. Way more user-friendly than the pump.


Oh. My. Goodness.


You're serious?

(For the record? NO.)


Without knowing more about Anaconda it's hard to say. However, I would probably give yourself a bolus dose based on something similar that you have had before that matches up with anaconda. Ex-if a certain candy bar/ice cream, whatever is about the same amount of carbs that is in Anaconda, and you know from prior experience that you usually need 5 units for it, then start there.

Obviously, be ready for any changes, and test frequently until you know how your body responds to it. The one caveat will be that you will be using anaconda before, during, or after the workout which I am sure you know already that the workout may affect your blood sugar. maybe even if multiple doses are called for, start with just one or half of one to see how you do. Good luck