I Designed a Routine, Rate It!


I love gym. I love reading/thinking about it too.
Here is routine I designed and intend to do (I did TBT Waterbury style so far).
Goals : fat loss and general conditioning (I am still a beginner but I respond good to hard workouts and I love them); also I want to get better at chin-ups so they are a priority.

My idea is to do 3 BIG lifts on given day and two “smaller” which are good for core and posture.

Here is the program :

Day A:
back squat

a1)bench Press
a2)seated row

b1)serratus crunch
b2)overhead shrug

Day B:

a2)standing military press

b1)side bends
b2)plate loaded fron squat (light weight, trying to keep straight back and good form with arms paralel to the floor holding a plate)

Main exercises are done 10 sets of 3 (I need that to get better at chinups as I can only do 6 of them).
The pairings are done EDT style (15minutes PR’s).
The workout last about 45-50 minutes.

What do you think ? Any obvious mistakes ? Any other comments ?

Switched military press with row.

It looks pretty good, except that you might want to only have one “big” lift per PR session and pair that with one “smaller” one. This would just help you manage fatigue easier, because the way you have it one PR session might be singificantly harder than the other. Just a suggestion.

Looks good but ditch the side bends. Do some deltoid work or arm work.

Yeah that makes sense. I will check out how it will work in my gym (I dont like stations being too far away as people love to steal my barbells/dumbells).

Hmm. I thought about it. Any biceps work is out because chin-ups kill it anyway. Dips are out because my arms are too tired after chins/military press.
Mayeb something for delts or triceps which doesnt overlay with military press ? Any suggestions ?


But are you sure your arms are killed? Just grab a lighter weight and using total control, see how you go.

Think of it as ‘more closely approaching total bicep stimulation’.

On a 1-10 scale …I’ll give it a 1. A routine is useless by itself. The only thing that is of any use is the trainer using it. In that case, I’ll give you a 10. I’ll pretend that you are a serious trainer and would do well with any program. Hope that confidence booster helps the trainer make or break that routine.