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I’d be Very Careful with "No AI" Advice

I have seen some posts talking about ai’s and not to do that. When people change gender from male to female they are given increased dose of estrogen which Grow tits. It is a big leap of faith to take the advice on non-doctor poster. If you end up with tits, that’s the ball game and you’re talking about plastic surgery. In the US that’s going to be an out-of-pocket expense and it’s gonna be a big number. It’s almost like betting your house on Super Bowl. I would be very careful about taking advice from somebody you don’t know who might not be qualified. On the other hand if you don’t mind tits go forward. I would preferred to keep my levels within the normal Mail range. You do what you want.


Excuse the voice to text errors in my previous post. Thanks.

I’m on TRT with no AI and actually have tits. Solid A cup for sure. Been wanting to get measured but scared I’ll be like a 40-42 AA and that would just suck.


Totally cool if you want them. I was speaking to the users that would not want that outcome. No issues, live and let live.

Although they are great tits, id love to Donate them to a girl in need. Currently trying to get rid of them.

If you’re worried about getting tits then take Tamoxifen which blocks estrogen at the breast receptor site (where the tits are). No need to block estrogen everywhere in your body because you’re paranoid about something that has such little chance of happening it’s pointless to worry about. Tamoxifen also has been shown to reverse pre-existing gyno.

Or you can take your advice and not get all the positive aspects of TRT and never realize that if you just didn’t take that AI you’d feel even better. I’ll keep my estrogen triple the range, be jacked as fuck and feel better than a majority of the population. You do what you want.


These forums are places for seeking answers, you can find others with similar experiences and maybe yours will closely mirror someone else’s. The advice should be taken with a grain of salt because there’s no way to know how you will respond to said advice.

I over-respond to all medicines including AI’s, in fact I have anastrozole 0.050 in the cupboard and can’t even take an 1/8th of it without ruined knees and hips days later.

Gimme dem titties boy

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@tony6 you’re missing the most important factor here.

Not only are they cranking up the estrogen, but more importantly they are depriving them of androgens.

Your argument does not hold water.


@tony6 I may also add that I’ve had over a dozen highly qualified phsycians speak on this very topic on my YouTube channel at length, and provided evidence to support the claim.

This isn’t anything new. You’re just not caught up yet.

Mine are getting slopey…
im order to grows tits, the balance has to be inverted. So more Oestrogen, and less Test. How is that going to happen with higher T levels?

I’m not arguing. I don’t know you, Why would listen to a guy I don’t know? Who are you? What’s your real name and address? You are a fictitious character to me. I’m supposed to think you are correct about anything, let alone my health? You’re not even real. You’re an internet personality. I’m not doing anything that will affect my health based on an internet character. Best wishes.

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I agree. Don’t take one persons advice. Even your doctors…go and do tons of reading and research in this. Your comment linking non AI use and gyno shows you have no clue about the underlying effect of these hormones in different areas of our body, nor aromatisation in general.
Being concerned about health I would also think you would research the effect of long term AI use. In my opinion you’ve not done any of your own research and just taken your Drs advice, and expect that I should listen to him? He doesn’t exist to me, the research does.

Yes, you are in charge of your health. No one else is. Take an AI for years and you could end up with damaged health. Then you could end up having to actually take estrogen in order to give your body the E it needs. You have to educate yourself. What protocol are you on and for how long?

He literally posted a video with his name, him, and doctors. Who are you? What’s your name and address? Post a picture of yourself. What’s your protocol? How are you feeling?

Why should anyone take advice from you?


There is a difference between

  • eliminating estrogens by completely blocking aromatase and
  • controlling estrogen levels by partially blocking aromatase

The first one is undeniably bad for your health (eg bone health, libido, CV health etc).

The second one might be helpful in certain conditions to keep a good T/E ratio. In men with Klinefelter syndrome for example aromatase activity is increased several fold leading to the typical physical appearance. Also in ‚normal’ men it can be helpful; for example it’s well described that aromatase activity is significantly increased in obese men or that aromatase activity increases as men age. The latter has been proposed to reflect an increased systemic plaque burden in the arteries and to be an independent risk parameter for CV health.
In these men would you leave aromatase activity as it is or would you try to modify by using an AI to achieve a T/E ratio as seen in health young men?

There is a good amount of information available which demonstrates that the T/ E ratio rather than the individual levels are best correlated with the clinical picture, ie how men feel. In this context it’s interesting that aromatase can be saturated by supraphysiological levels of T administered. This might serve as an explanation why some men feel good only on very high levels of T.

It’s not black or white. AIs are neither a godsend nor a devil’s instrument. They are just another item in the toolbox of the educated.


If you’re obese then you should work to not be obese before you worry about your estrogen since being not obese would fix that. I don’t think dialing in your TRT by controlling your estrogen so that you can stay obese is a great idea. If you have Klinefelter’s (of which there are less than 200,000 cases per year) or any other random not normal issue than you likely shouldn’t seek help from people that don’t have your extremely rare issue. I don’t even know what the point of bringing that up is. What about conjoined twins?

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It’s more than 20,000 cases per year. The rate is roughly 1 per every 500-1,000 men

Klinefelters syndrome accounts for an exception, as is aromatase excess syndrome (even rarer)

The notion of high estrogen inducing accelerated rates of plaque build up/arterial calcification (correlation, remember correlation and direct causation can differ) seems to primarily relate to older men/women (with women, understandable, around the time of menopause etc) higher levels of estradiol appears to be correlated with higher rates of coronary artery calcification etc

Better listen to him because he will give you better advice than 80 percent of the doctors out there.

The doctors giving blindly AI to trt patients are ignorant, copying body building protocols and setting up their patients for serious harm

Doing .25 a week of an ai isn’t going to damage a whole lot for me and it keeps things fine “for me”. You guy’s run your e2 as high as you want. I have no issue with it and am not preaching to anyone.