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I Come Off Cycles Hard, Would HCG Help?


I am 35, Been training hard for two plus years and have run a total of two cycles. First cycle was 10 week Primo only cycle of 450mg/wk which was great for gains. Second cycle many months later was Primo at 600mg and test p at 250mg and had great gains again. I'm getting ready to do my third cycle of primo at 450mg test prop at 500mg ( not sure of the exact doses I want to run yet) but I am concerned about how I recover from my cycles.

When I come off I am definitely very irritable and grouchy and of course my sex drive is gone (although erections are no problem just desire). Pct last time was nolva at 20mg a day, natural test booster , and some formastane. This time I am really wanting to avoid the let down so I will run some hcg at 100-200iu a day to help alleviate these problems. The pct will be nolva at 20mg a day and some aromasin to run along with it plus the natural test booster.

I have been reading thread after thread about hcg and also reading some of the studies they show and this plan seems like it should be much easier on my system. It's been a month and a glad since my last cycle and still the sex drive isn't quite what it used to be. I hope I have not permanent supressed my natural testosterone production by using shitty pct ad not using hcg.... A mistake I will never again make.


O.k... I'll throw my 2 cents in quickly as I'm anticipating you getting a bit of 'stick' as this is your first post.

Do NOT use a test booster for PCT

Do not use 100-200IU HCG a day, 250IU twice a week during a cycle is sufficient, cease use before PCT

Do not use HCG for PCT

Use an AI to stop Estrogen related side effects whilst using aromatizing steroids like test (there was no mention of one when you described the test cycle)

Use the Nolvadex or clomid as PCT, I preferred, when I did come off, using clomid at 100mg per day for at least the first week, then 50mg ED for a good 30 days. I didn't like Nolva for PCT, but that was just me, I would use 40mg Nolva every day for the first week of PCT, then 20mg a day for 30 days.

Please read the stickies which are the threads which always appear at the top of the list, they will tell you every thng you need to know, when you apply the knowledge you get from them you will get (and keep) much more from your steroid cycles.

Good luck :wink:


Thanks for the info, appreciate it. Might not sound like it but I did read those stickies ( honest I did) and tried to read as much as I can find before posting. I was aware not to use hcg for pct, it can keep you suppressedtabs defeating the purpose of the pct in the first place. I read a post where someone outlined a hcg regimen by someone with the screen name of swole I think.

In that article he said yes you can do twice weekly injections of the hcg but that daily ones would be much better. I probably have the dosages wrong of course but that was the basic idea. I'll make sure to search that one up again a read it again. I've been lucky so far with keeping my gains but obviously I've got my pct protocol all F'd up.

I will not be running any more aas until I've learned more about the proper pct for the compounds I'm using. If I get flamed on this post I definitely say I deserve it. I really likethe info and people on this board vs some of the other places I've been. No one is pushing over the counter products that prob don't work any way.... At least not how they're marketed to anyway.


I think you should chill out for a bit before running another cycle, hCG or not. Let things get back to normal. Then reassess.

My opinion is to get your hormones tested now (check out the trt forum for info on which ones to check). Then at some point down the line when you (hopefully) start to feel more normal get them tested again.

If your numbers are real bad right now ie LH is suppressed stll (amongst other possible problems) you may want to take actuion to restart the HPTA.

Not something I have time to go into now thoug


OP- listen to Bonez. Come back with the blood test results and the guys (who know lots more than me) will be able to give you the help you need.

Good luck


It's simpler to use the HCG just 2x a wk, but if you have the time, ED would be ok. Just keep the dose lower.

And a break may be in order, how long has it been since your last cycle?


Oh I am def taking break I didn't plan on starting again for several months. Good advice bones thx man. I should clarify I don't think all my troubles are gear realated, I have been having trouble with the wife alot lately and we all know that can be a major pia and ruin an evening if you know what I mean. I'm not totally ruined. My last cycle ended at the end of August, and the one before that ended in the first of Febuary and neither one was over 10 weeks.