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I changed my mind


I'm voting for kerry!



Finally something we agree on!
Never even knew about her until now.


If one of Bush's daughters wore something like that it would be all over the media. People would be calling for him to resign over it.


Have you seen the pictures that were in the NY Daily News of the hot Bush daughter getting her freak on with some NY pimp. She was in a skimpy little dress getting bent over and clearly GONE.


There are several pictures of the Bush twins drunk off their ass (underage drinking by the way) making jackasses of themselves in public.

Gosh, you think the Elite Liberal Media would have been all over that...


Great dress, BTW!


Eh, still a horseface w/ small titties. No more than a 6.


Ahhh, three or four beers and I'd hit it.

Theoretically speaking of course ~ I'm married and gave up drinking.