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I challenge US=GG to a debate

Right here.


U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East.

I will let him start, by making a statement on behalf of the “good guys” as he so polarizes the groups.

Footnoting of facts is required.

Lets see what you got big boy.



No let USA=GG answer, I want to see this.



Thanks for the laugh.

Question: If monsiour_quebec and US=GG got into a fight, who’d win?

Answer: Who cares as long as they both beat the hell out of each other so badly that neither could ever post again.

I have a theory that US=GG thrives on having a bunch of morons like morg around to cheer him - he (or she) is obviously an intelligent person, so I’d like to trade words. The ideal situation would be without any other posters allowed in the thread, but that isn’t really possible.


You have to stay out of this fight its not fair if you get in too. No one can revise and distort history better than you. Just let these two have at it.

By the way, you still haven’t posted a list of essential reading material like I asked a while ago.


You are the absoulutely cracking me up with those pictures! LOL.

He’s too scared.


ZEB, those have to be the two most over-used internet “pictures” of all time. The only thing more annoying than someone who posts such things is the person who constantly uses “lol”.

Yeah I just want to sit back & watch. & I do’t remember anything about a reading list. ???

Morg, I’ve been going through your post history. Seriously, you have over 500 posts in a forum, not a single one that I can find is useful, poignant, or intelligent. No wonder everyone I respect around here has packed up and left.

ahhh, he’s seen these before lol. he must be quite experienced at people calling him retarded lol

Just an observation, and please correct me if I’m wrong, but M.Q. doesn’t seem to engage in personal attacks. Again, maybe I’m wrong and I just don’t read enough of the posts but as wacky as he is he doesn’t resort to name calling.

Wheres US=GG?

I got my lawn chair all set and a beer hat full of Grow, ready fer some spectatin’.

A reading list is a good idea - nobody should post without having read a few books on foreign policy & history.
State your claims & back it up.

“Seriously, you have over 500 posts in a forum, not a single one that I can find is useful, poignant, or intelligent.”

does this indicate your research skills? and you expect a debate with those kinds of skills? or is it you selectively looked for information that went with what you were hoping to find? is this how you research things?

Maybe morg would like to debate US foreign policy in the middle east with me? US=GG seems to be MIA at the moment, so until he shows up I would be overjoyed to do that with you.

You can even use all the pretty pictures you generally communicate with.

Exactly Kuri,

Let’s see what people are educatin’ themselves with.