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I Can't Wait...


Till I'm a grown ass man and I have a house, an understanding wife, and a 3 car garage that only has my gym equipment in it.

And I have a GHR...that'll be the day.



I can't wait till I can pee on a stick and find out the result is either + or - so that I can plan my life!!

That's what I can't wait for!


'Till I

have my business running

have apartments in Manhattan and souhtern California, and possibly Miami

and a small island

dine on the finest food every meal, every day

have an obscenely large income


obscene is a great adjective to describe wealth.


Yeah it's just so repulsive when a person provides a service that is in enough demand to make that person wealthy.
(Just to clarify, I was being sarcastic in the above, and used the word obscene jokingly in my first post)


What's a GHR? Growth Hormone Releaser?


I can't wait till his five years in the Marines are up and I can make plans for kids and a normal marriage with my boy.


Nothing wrong with doing something better then others can and being paid well for it.

Wealth is freedom. Freedom is responsibility. Some aren't ready for it.


I can't wait until I'm bigger than Prof. X.


Well, I have an adjustment to my first post. Test came back positive. Now I can't wait to find out if it's a girl or boy!

Obscene wealth would ben ice right now. Provided there is also happiness.

Sic, I hope things go as planned for you. :slight_smile:


Yay for you and your new baby! :slight_smile: I hope things do too, pretty big situation I'm taking on.


Congrats if you were hoping to be pregnant, and well congrats if not lol. Hope all goes well for you and your family!!!
.....Wealth can take away alot of stresses in life, but it still can't make you happy!
Even though being able to buy unlimited gear would kick some serious ass!!!


Congratulations! Very cool!


CONGRATS 77!!!!!!!!!!!!

GHR is a glute ham raise


i can't wait till i get on the field.


Till I'm finished with PCT, and have gotten my little guys back in shape so I can do another cycle.

I'm a test junkie.


...till I have a Life so I don't have to keep posting on this forum.



...til I'm out of debt and when I get a paycheck I'll know that its my money and not money that I owe somebody else.


Same here...

And so I have enough to leave Florida, come back to Jersey, start my own business and go back to college.


To have this baby already! I want my body back, I'm tired of being the size of a bus and in constant pain. I just want to wear a little skirt again and drink some beer. Plus I want to meet my little guy!

Till my home renos are done (been renovating since January)