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I Can't Touch My Toes - Strong at the Top of Squat & Weak at the Bottom

So I ran a DUP plan smashed my plateu and got my squat to 160kg but since I have been doing it it seems like I’ve been going higher and higher and I even tried to lower the weights and it is almost like I am unable to go paralell, I think my hamstrings are super tight I am currently running 5/3/1 and I have had to drop my Training Max by about 15kg to compensate and I am doing box squats now, When I fully extend my leg and try touch my toes I get a feeling almost like you are on your 10th rep at 85% of your 1rm on calf raises, Has anyone experienced this and how have you fixed it, when I did the box squats I also felt a pump in my lower back, I don’t think it’s weak as my deadlift is over 2x my BW and my Romanian Deads aren’t even far off of my conventional Dead Lift.

Put 3 biscuits on the bar on do a 3 count pause squat. See if you can hit depth or not.

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I am going to look at getting a sports massage, and are we talking custard creams or digestives?

The tastier ones / the ones that weigh 20kg each.