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I can't stretch my right upper trap

When I tilt my head to the right and pull my shoulder down, I feel it a little in my left trap. All is good.

But when I tilt my head to the left… there’s a muscle/tendon that’s very tight on the right side of my neck. I can’t get enough ROM to stretch my right trap because of it.

Took a photo of the really tight spot:


That red mark on my neck is included as the “tight spot.” It runs down there even though you don’t see it there.

Can that be made more flexible? I’m not sure if it’s a muscle or what… but it’s really tight. If I turn my head all the way to the right, I feel nothing on my right side. If I turn my head all the way to the left, I feel it pulling hard.

Thanks guys. I want to be able to stretch my traps to help with my posture.

My chiropractor told me to stretch this muscle everyday. It will help your posture if you are tight there.

Ok so it’s a muscle. That’s good so I know it can be stretched… annoying as hell how it’s really loose on my left side but tight on my right.