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I Can't Stop Eating

Does anybody else suffer from seemingly never ending hunger pangs?
Especially on workout day.

I eat a big meal, well I think its big, only to be hungry again in less then an hour.

I don’t know if its my body asking for more food or just worms or something lol. I’m sick of having to eat ALL the fucking time, 6 meals I can handle. I’m overly fat or anything either.

I suffer from this when on a cut, if i have one cheat, the cheat wont stop till im asleep, so i just need to keep on the right track

This just doesnt happen any more to me.

In the last 10 weeks I havent missed a single meal and have had but two “cheats”:

  1. A cup of chicken stock (random craving for chicken noodle soup when on VLCKD lol)
  2. A couple of bowls of some stew cooked by the chinese students at my uni because they invited me to dinner =]

So my consistency seems spot on with diet now… just need to work on dicking around with my macros and the such - 10 weeks of almost flawless eating isnt reflected so much in my physique although I did drop a tonne of fat.

I feel like this when I’m on high carb/ low fat, especially when I’m trying to reduce fat (cut).

I feel this way after a heavy workout. I eat a huge post work out meal, but I’m hungry again within about 90 minutes. Breakfast is the same way.

What are you eating?

More fat, more fiber.

I can’t stop eating either. The eggs. The steak. The chicken. The cottage cheese.

I can’t stop growing, either. I can’t keep my numbers from going up.

I’m rather enjoying it.

Neither can I…

A shot of olive oil will kill your desire to eat.