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I can't seem to improve my body

I have been on and off lifting for the past year and I’ve just gotten back lifting seriously. However, I have trouble finding definition and getting leaner with my body. If anyone has any workout suggestions or nutritional suggestions please reply.

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Yeah! Keep a food & training journal and see where your mistakes are. You need to know where you’re screwing up in order to fix it yourself.


Gee, Paul. Do you think you could be a little more…vague?

On and off? First of all, stay on. From what I’ve heard and experienced, the first two months are pretty much just strenghtening the nervous system. One after you’ve consistently worked out for at least two months will you be able to put on major mass.

The stuff you basically need to know is in the BodyBuilder’s Hierarchy of Needs, which is here:


The other questions you may be asking yourself are probably answered in the FAQ section.

Be consistent for a few years and get back to us.

“It’s your diet, stupid!” Inside joke - read the Diet Manifesto article at T-mag.

Try and start off again with about 2 weeks of light weight training. . .just to get your form back. . .after that, build up to heavier weights gradually. to get lean, target 3 to 5 sets of 15 to 20 reps per exercise, and try to get in 2-4 exercises per muscle group. OR, you can try the EDT program on this site.