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I can't see them...

Hey all,

I’ve posted a couple times to this forum asking questions regarding my diet and I’ve gotten some much needed help which I thank you all for.

But now I have a new problem. I’ve been following T-Dawg 2.0 for 13 weeks and I?ve gone from 165lbs to 138lbs. pretty good huh? The only problem is that I?m 5’8 and still don?t see my abs!

I’m not sure what is going on anymore…I haven?t been getting regular b/f tests but that is because I cant afford $35/per test. I’m a student and I support myself 100% so I can?t go off budget.

My performance in the gym has suffered only when I’ve switched programs and then switched back again. I find that I can’t do the same weight that I used to do but I think that is due to 1) low energy levels because during the duration of the program (6-weeks) my strength stays constant and 2) psychological.

I’ve been taking monthly update shots and when looking at those pictures and comparing them to the previous ones I look just as ‘big’ as I did before but with out the extra fat.

What is really frustrating is that when I stand still I can’t really see them and if I?m standing still and I flex my abs it is even worse. But if I?m doing anything like walking or putting on a shirt I can see them perfectly!

I’ve always been having 1.5g protein/bw lb and I?ve always been doing ab work 3 times a week and I?ve been drinking 4-6L of water daily.

My only thought is that maybe my skin has been stretched out so it needs time to shrink but I know that I?m reaching! :slight_smile:

So please if you have any ideas please let me know.


P.s - if it helps I can post my before/after pictures.


Please, definitely post your pictures. At 5’8’’ 138, you should be shredded to the bone. Chances are most on this forum will tell you that you need to add a lot more mass; that includes me.

You may be correct about your skin “stretching.” Unfortunately, the elastic properties of our skin are such that stretching happens a lot more readily than “shrinking.” Your best option would be to fill that “empty space” with LBM in order to make things tighter.

Might be time for a smart moderate mass phase. Post pics and we’ll help you a bit more.

Hope this helps.

You can’t afford the $35 for body comp appointments, but you can definitely afford the $20 or so it’ll cost you to get a pair of calipers and do it yourself forever.

Read “Body Composition for Beginners” (parts 1 and 2) by Jason Norcross.

Post dem picks, son.

I’m in the process of posting the pictures…

 The incredible Hulk's starting to bat his eyes and lean down so he can pick up the chicks at the beach again?

 Doesnt this green beast ever learn, chicks dont dig mosnters, period?


This reminds me of the competitor who cardios away 10 pounds of muscle and 2 inches in his thighs in the weeks before a contest just to show cuts in his quads. Why are you so focused on getting your abs to show? Good grief. At your height and weight, you must look like a twig. Your focus on a single bodypart is frightening to me, especially when it’s abs. Who gives a shit how cut your abs are when you’re so damn skinny?