I Can't Recover from Overtraining. Feeling Hopeless

This isnt a T replacement category question but I thought this side of the forum would be knowledgeable on this. Im 20 years old and ive been dealing with spot on symptoms of overtraining syndrome since i was 18. I’m shaky, nervous, 348 T levels, erectile dysfunction, depression, can’t complete a good hard workout, feel bad after my workouts, its harder to eat right, etc. Ive taken breaks of 4 or so months at a time from lifting or working out at all and nothing happened so i ended up back in the gym assuming it might not be overtraining. At this point i believe its definitely got to be. Im scared, and hopeless. I feel like if i cant bounce back within a year i want to die. Ive dealt with this for 2 years now and its ruined my life, i cant put in words how bad things have been. would appreciate help. thank you.

Have you tried not training so intensely?


I’d be curious to know what a normal week of training looks like


I would like to see what your diet is like .


Big question what are you training for in the first place to get you in this state?

Can I add this might not be a just physical issue - but a mental health issue.

Constant shaky and nervous - lack of appetite, lack of sex drive, scared hopeless, wanting to die if it does not get better.

This might have started off as over training - but for my 2 cents - this is now a mental health issue. And you have a bad emotional connection with training for some reason.
Good news. This shit happens and it is curable. But - its hard with out help.

My advice - go to the doctor. Or a councilor. Or someone that know what they are doing and get assessed.


My advice - go to the doctor. Or a councilor. Or someone that know what they are doing and get assessed.

Damn good advice @carlbm

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Well look at me blushing…
Edit:“Just read this back and I realise I might sound like an arse. Honestly not meant that way”.

Honestly though OP - Chin up. And if you need it I have a log. Find me and drop me comment or two.

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All joking aside… I would say the root cause is medical related be it physical or mental and probably less so from actual over training. If i am wrong so be it . But I think most on here agree as you stated getting a medical opinion from a professional would be the best course of action.

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my current diet lately has not been that great and i was training to be muscular but very cut and i was at my goal but it all went away.

The type of week that got me into this mess would be lifting every day of the week 30 minutes of cardio, boxing, eating super clean.

Are you eating enough for that much work?

too much work…

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Not to be too much of an ass but if you provide answers like this then the best type of response you can hope for is:

  • Eat a better diet; and
  • Do less quantity of work and do more quality.

Post more specific information (eg. what you actual put in your mouth to eat yesterday and a full week from your training plan) for more useful responses


So your not knocking your dick in the dirt for any type of organized competition? Is that correct?

I think the problem is either medical or nutritional. If it was overtraining then OP would feel good during the first few weeks back in the gym after a break. It sounds like he feels like garbage all the time.

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Have you been to a doctor? Any lab work orher than T?

This is a tough one, my own story is very similar. I used to train very hard when I was young(48 now). It was the time of Heavy Duty training, going to failure and beyond every day. Of course this type of training was promoted by drug using professional bodybuilders, who at the time never mentioned their anabolic steroid use. Trying to train like that all the time is a recipe for overtraining and injury if you are natural.

I went from excellent fitness, strength and athleticism, to a crippled wreck in a couple of years. Tendonitis, aches and pains, fatigue, and depression. I went to tons of Dr’s, specialists and other health professionals, massage therapists, chiro’s, osteo’s,.
naturopaths, etc etc

All my bloods came back in the normal range. No rheumatoid arthritis either. I had some evidence of tears in certain muscles, but they had healed and shouldn’t have been causing the troubles I was having. This went on for years, all the stress from not knowing what was going on, despite all the experts being baffled or dismissive, led me to develop severe depression.
I tried stopping training, for about 18months, whilst I was on anti depressants. All it did was cause a weight gain due to increased appetite. I put on about 20kg of blubber in one year. I still looked big and healthy to the outside observer. Also the inactivity did nothing to resolve my muscular and joint pain. It actually made it worse, I stiffened up even more.

When all the experts didn’t know what to do, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was mentioned. I was basically put into the “too hard basket”.

This all sound .shit and it really was. What your issue is still remains to be seen. I don’t think I had low testosterone when I was young as I was a sexual tyrannosaurus. Your T is low, as you have stated.
TRT will definitely help you feel better. At the time no dr would consider steroids as a treatment, and my test levels were still in normal range.
I was desperate from lack of help from doctors, but common sense and a lt of research led me to try steroids as a last resort. I first started off cycling steroids a few years ago and when I got the drugs and doses dialled in found it helped me amazingly. Joint pain stopped being an issue, and when I finished my cycle I managed to feel okay and active for most of my time off. 3-4 months after the last cycle I would go back on and start the next cycle, gave me a quality of life hope and satisfaction.

Eventually I got busted for possession, and had to stop buying illegal steroids. Back on to the Dr carousel, I was finally listened to and taken seriously (after seeing many more drs who still wouldn’t help me). My arrest and the fact I could show steroids had dramatically helped me to finally get legal steroids. Because they will only prescribe trt amounts, I was pretty much forced to go on trt full time. If I had full control I would probably still want to cycle, as I like the idea of having healthy fertility, despite my age.

Whilst TRT is not perfect for me its much better than not being on anything.

Trt comes with issues like potential infertility which is important to a young man such as yourself. Only you can judge whether its worth trying. There are things you can do, like take hcg as well to stop your balls fully shutting down.

Like I said earlier the causes of your problems may well be different than mine, but you still might be able to apply some of it to help your circumstances.

If you haven’t already learnt this, the average Dr is clueless about steroid use. Even most endocrinologists don’t have much experience with TRT or supraphysiological doses.
You might be lucky and find a doctor that does.

Good luck, don’t give up. I’m sure you will be able to find something that will improve your condition dramatically.


Do you take any medication or anything?

I’ve had similar issues for a few years. I blamed overtraining and adrenal fatigue. I finally went to a doctor who diagnosed me with Lyme disease. If you were spending any time outdoors around the time your symptoms started, it’s definitely worth looking into. It’s way more common than people realize. Just make sure you find a doctor who knows about Lyme disease because blood tests often show false negatives.