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I Can't Pop Any Veins

Can any one please tell my why i encounter this problem?
I have been lifting off and on now for over 4 years… i see
guys at the gym and their forearms are very veiny.
I can do this…i have taken a number of the no products
and yes i get a pump, but not to that extent. I cant get my
forearms to look nice and hard and vascular. Is there something
wrong with my system.

Not enough muscle and/or too much bodyfat.

Hell i have seen fatter guys pop veins…whats up with that

[quote]Webbykun wrote:
Not enough muscle and/or too much bodyfat.[/quote]

Agreed, also genetics play a role.

Very low blood pressure?

maybe try an experiment mate… the main vein from your arm runs out on the inside part of your bicep just below your armpit. you can block this off either by digging your thumb in (ok maybe not, as if you cant see veins you probably cant feel them either) or looping some cord tight around your arm.

then flex the crap out of your fist, wiggle your fingers etc… try to generate as much blood flow to your arm/hand as possible.

if you’re ever going to see your blood vessels pop out under the skin, you will see them now. hooray for you! hopefully if you can drop some subcutaneous fat you might get this result in the gym too, truly the stuff of DREAMS!

if, however, you still can’t see anything, then simply tighten the cord, tie it off and leave it for a few hours, and your shameful limb that disappoints you so will drop off… problem solved.

why do you want your veins poking out?

genetics is a big thing on this unless you are cut &/or large
having veins popping out of your arms isn’t that cool, I have lots of them poking out & most girls don’t really like em or think you spend to much time in the gym. guys may admire them but that doesn’t really make me feel good or other people tell you to get off the juice because they are cocks.

try training smart & consistently & eating half decent

you could always do the rope thing though

cut more bodyfat

thanks for the recommendations guys…i appreciate the ones that are not
being smart asses about it…thanks again…

Highly genetic. Ive always had a large amount of visual veins. Im currently at 10% body fat with great vascularity but when I was at 15% my vascularity was pretty similar.

[quote]lakersman wrote:
thanks for the recommendations guys…i appreciate the ones that are not
being smart asses about it…thanks again…[/quote]

From what I’ve read, no one’s being a smartass. Body fat, technique, and genetics all play a role.

If you can’t deal with the answers, don’t ask a question. It’s that simple.

Do heavy sets of straight barbell curls. Repeat a few times. Drop weight, rep out.

No veins? Less bodyfat needed.


Eat clean, train hard, and voila, you will see veins!!!