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I Can't Lift for a Month...

I had testicular torsion today, the pain was horrible but the relief from waking up from the narcotics was great.
They tried to twist it back manually, I had to scream from the pain lol.
They did surgery to untangle it and attached both my testicles in a way so that they can’t twist anymore.

I was 1 hour away from losing my right testicle!
But now I have to rest for 1 month.
I decided to eat 2300 to 2700 calories and 180 protein until I can lift again.

Is there anything else I can do to maintain as muscle muscle as possible? Maybe supplements that will help with this?

Poetic justice.


I would say: Try not to think about it.

Eating enough food, as you are planning to do, will help. Try to stay active, as much as your situation allows. Ride a bike. Go for a walk.

But other than that I would use the time for something else if I were you. Strength and muscle will come back quickly anyway, if you have a decent plan after the layoff. Focus on your family, other hobbies, work, whatever.

Of course it sucks and if you can’t help thinking about training… well, think about how your training went in the last weeks/months… think about what you want to achieve, what you have achieved so far. Maybe design a new training routine for yourself.

But most importantly don’t stress over it all.

You’ll gain back whatever you lose. Don’t worry.

You’re not gonna lose much muscle if any. You’ll regain back anything you lose within a couple of training sessions. Just keep your protein high and get enough calories. Focus everything on recovering your body, the last thing you wanna do is getting impatient and just hurting yourself again and thus prolonging your layoff even more.

I’ve had longer layoffs than a month, without supplementing anything in the interval, and I’ve always been surprised how quickly strength and condition returned. So don’t sweat a month. Athough keep taking the creatine too, if you’re on it.

Actually, I just wanted to post with my sympathies. Man that sounds totally horrendous! I’m just glad you’re ok - that was a horror story to read, let alone experience!

You really can’t do any training because of your balls?

Otherwise, high protein + creatine has shown I think to be effective for fighting muscle loss without training. Of course, assuming you actually have any to begin with.