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I Can't Finish My Workout


I recently had 2 workout that I didn't finish because I was too tired or my X hurted too much.

I am training WS4SB for football. I am 190lbs with creatine, 6". I don't think I eat well, I try but it's hard with my dad right now since he don't care about health, I sleep 9-10 hours. I ordred precision nutrition so I should correct my nutrition soon.

What I want, is a trainig program like westside that use Max Effort and/or dynamic effort and/or repetition. A program that doesn't last long in term of the lenght of the workout but that has more than 3 days in the weight room.

Anyone have any suggestions?? More days of workout, less time during workout.

My weak points are my hamstring, my lower back and my shoulders.

A. Narrow squats THICK BAR
135x5 225x5 245x5 265x4 275x2

B. Barbell reverse lunges THICK BAR
95x10 95x8 95x8

C. Good Mornings THICK BAR
45x10 45x10 45x10 45x10

D. Thick bar hold
Back hurt

A. Push up
Bwx37 bwx17 bwx12 total=64

B. DB triceps extension
15x10 20x8 20x8 20x8

C. Semi-supinated pulldown
100x12 100x12 100x12 100x12

D. Standing DB shoulder press
30x12 30x12 30x10

E. Preacher curl
60x10 60x6


If you can not finish, and are getting sick during your workout, it is most likely not the weight training program, but the nutritional side of things. I found, from experience, if I do not train in the morning, I am more likely to get sick training. I also found if I eat eggs and oatmeal before I train, I get sick. So now I eat cold lean ground meat in the morning with veggies, and I do great.

Do what you gotta do.


stick with the program, Defranco knows his shit, get your nutrition in line, my parents are the same way but you gotta find a way around. Defrancos westside is a great program for football players.


I agree, If you get your nutrition right everything should fall into place, 80% diet & Recovery/20%lifting status quo. Untill then keep your warn up set's to around 1 per weight class. Save your energy for your Heavy lift(think G-Flux).Better to have some left in the tank, then burn out before you even get half way through the heavy liftimg/only half your muscles hit routine.

Stay strong & good luck,



If something is always hurting during your workouts, and you're not overtraining, you probably have really bad form.


Make sure your form is correct and that you are using a load you can handle.

Don't hurt yourself because you are lifting like the Deeze Weeze... trying to lift more than you can manage with good form.


In my expirience, the form doesn't even have to be that bad. Most of us have some minor imbalances or flexibility problems. When coupled with techique that's just a bit off, esp. in heavy RM attempts, you can end up with problems.

Either that, or you need a week off.