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I Can't Find My AI Sweet Spot... (not newbie)

Hello, I got unexpected problem for the first time maybe since my first cycle which was back in 2019

Okay, I can’t seem to get the right amount of adex (pharma) and UGL (overdosed), so I’ll talk about pharma only. So any useful suggestions would be appreciated.

My current planned long term mini blast is test only for fun, I started with 500mg, got it stabilized and after playing for 4 weeks with AI, I can’t get it right! I tried the following: 0.5mg/eod (symptoms of elevated E were still present, so not enough…) AND then switched to 0.5mg/ed (low E symptoms and weak erections with 20-30% usual libido…). THEN I decided to go with 600mg but the exact same problem seem to happen. Injection frequency is mon/thurs.

NOTE: I have tried dosages from 125mg/w to 1250mg/w and did not seem to have this ridiculous problem, yes on 1g/w I was slamming AI for comparison when I was on 400mg/w I took 0.5mg 3x week and sometimes even 2x. I go by the symptoms as standard BW on E is pretty useless, unless done over and over again which is not sustainable anyway.

A bit of my background:

  • 4 cycles and B&C (mostly cruise mode 200-300 no problems here)
  • 236 pounds 6’1 about 14-16% bf most of the time (now a bit leaner and bigger than in my pic)
  • I have tried many different AAS let’s not get there, but I have been using T for couple years now because I like it, not that I need it.

by exactly how much did your e2 got higher when you upped 100mg of test?

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My guess is no labs were taken and this has been a guessing game. @lukiss96 I don’t mean to be offensive in that post but nobody can assist you with ‘feelings’ of high or low E2. Those symptoms could be caused by things other than E2 and we would need more data to come up with any suggestions.


Why not get lab work and be sure?

Right guys, no labs, I go by the feelings which is my prefered method and it always did work.

I’m in the mil and they check my health thoroughly every 6 months and it’s totally fine, so I’m not as reckless as I might appear to be

I understand that you can’t tell me exactly how to feel right or how much to take :smiley:

Thing is on 400mg I can feel good taking 0.5mg 3x week (anastrazole) and never feel too low or too high.

At 500-600mg it starts to get weird, I feel like 0.5mg/eod is not doing enough and 0.5mg/ed is killing my e2.

I know I gotta figure it out myself, but maybe any suggestions such as trying different dosing methods both AI and T injections?

@swoops39 I don’t have access to sensitive e2 where I live, plus I don’t believe in number I believe in ratio or really just me feeling quite good, I know that I feel good with slightly elevated estrogen and I mastered my feelings of optimal estro (I know it sounds stupid but really I do know by the feel lol)

@hankthetank89 I wish I could answer you this, as I’m always reading your stuff and you have way more experience than me. But that small 100mg, let’s say from 400 to 500 makes such a big difference that taking extra 0.5mg per week can’t fix and taking way more like 0.5mg/ed makes me way too low. So I went with 600mg and tried 0.5mg/ed and it is still too much.

How long are you waiting to ‘adjust’ your dosage? The reason I ask is that in my prior T solo blasts I would also have some similar issues without the AI. They usually resolved themselves in a week or two though by staying the course.

that was also my guess, so thats why i asked a hidden asshole question :smiley:

There are 100 things that can result in bad erections. I have had my e2 up in 300s and my dick was as hard as ever, for example.
You cant just blame it all on e2.
That is why you need to do actual bloodwork to know :

1)How much your e2 was up after you added 100mg a week.
2)How much every dose of AI kills your e2…

How will you find a good dose if you have no clue how much every tab of anastrozole you take brings it down?

You actually need to stick to 1 test dosage for a week, pick a dosage of anastrozole and then see what it does.
For example, i am on 385mg of test now. No AI. E2 came back 92… Now i will add 1/4th of tab of anastrozole ED and will see my e2 again in 7-10 days.

As far as feelings go - i have had erectile dysfuncion sometimes, sometimes drop of libido, sometimes cant finish while having sex, i also had moodswings, was always feling like crying etc and ALL THESE sides i have had while having NORMAL e2. And the best sex i ever had, and the best i ever felt for years was with 300 e2. Way before i knew i should test it or before i knew what is AI i took 1-2g of test with no AI for years and felt the best i have ever felt.
And all the sides i mentioned before i have came across AFTER i started taking AIs and actually managing my e2, which means - they are NOT e2 related.

As shitty as it is - there are less things that kill our dick, than there are things that dont. Your e2 might be completely fine.
It also might not be. But just do the bloodwork. Test for e2 in my third world country costs like 5euros. Im sure its easy to do in a civilised world also.

I’ll admit it was all over the place…

first week I took 0.5mg/eod, 2nd week I took 0.5mg ed and felt low, 3rd week I went back to 0.5mg/eod, week 4 tried to go back to 0.5mg/ed and after 2 days in a row of taking 0.5mg I felt so low…

Decided to up the test to 600mg thinking okay now more e2, so ed will work…
I took 700mg on 5th week and did 0.5mg/ed and after 3 days felt like an old man (near crashed been there done that…), now not taking AI for couple days and feeling way better.

I think I need to either go back down to 400mg where I know I feel good or try some different approach.

Ok, I get it all I felt all over the place too on different AAS. Deca depression and feeling like a female for whatever reason wtf, no dick problems though… But I didn’t feel manly at all on it.

I never had problems with testosterone, I always seemed to go by the feel and it’s been like this every time and it worked with 100-400mg and 900-1250mg, yet somehow with 500-600mg I’m cursed lol…

You know that this cheap e2 test is almost worthless, right? The only way is to do sensitive, which is not available where I live too and it’s def not 5 euros…

Actually, I’m overthinking and probably gotta find it out like I always did, after all each one of us is unique and different, some magical number ain’t gonna make feel everybody awesome.

Anyway, thanks for your help and you still shared your experience which is good, as sometimes things that don’t make much sense seem to somehow make us feel good, weird and true.

Well shoot. Thats what I was afraid of. That kind of renders the data useless too as it just doesnt allow enough time for your body to adjust. I understand why labs are too costly and or inconvenient. Luckily here I can order them myself for relatively cheap, but admittedly I’ve only done it once to check mid cycle results.

So week one to week two you increased your AI dose by 100%. Thats a big jump. My only advice is to go back to the .5mg EOD and wait it out for a couple weeks to see if your body harmonizes with it. If not try titrating in the middle of the two doses.

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Yes, I agree and I think that the increase is just too much so I need to figure out how to dose it.

Thanks for your help, you gave some good suggestions and didn’t “beat me up” for doing it not the smartest or correct way, but I’ve felt fine doing it my way for the last 2 years mostly cruising on 200-400mg.

I kinda miss 200mg as it feels so good to be there, but on the other hand 400mg feeling like superhuman lol…

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Tell us ur shbg