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I Can't Escape Nodules

So… I started with sesame seed oil and that gave me nodules doing subQ, I switched to grape seed oil, and still the same.

  • Yes, I’ve watched Dr. Crisler video
  • Yes, I wipe the site and the bottle.
  • Yes, I give both time to dry.
  • Yes, I inject very slow.
  • I use 27g 1/2 needs ( inject .25 ever M/W/F)
  • In the love handle, in the glute - all the same.
  • I’ve tried ice packs afterwards and everything. Small itchy lump that feels like poison ivy

I have been doing int the side of the thigh which is IM I know and I don’t like it. It bruises and I want SubQ to work. I don’t want the scar tissue of IM but for some reason, I just can’t make subQ work.

I need help.

Have you tried 30g needles?

how would going with a lower gauge help? all feedback in the past I’ve heard said go higher. I have 31g for HCG and I did try to draw TRT into it and it was about impossible… so no, I haven’t tried anything smaller than 27g.

Higher guage/smaller needle less irritation to the skin. (less trauma). I draw with a 18g and inject with a 30g. If you use Leur Lock you can swap them out. Just a thought.

Ok, thats new to me. People I talk to always thought that lower gauge cause a jet of test that causes the bubble where higher gauge disperses more evenly. How slow do you inject? How many seconds to empty?

When I inject on the side of the quads, it hurts, I inject deadcenter on top in the middle.

Id guess its about 15-20 seconds. Im not white knuckling it but it does take a little force. I use a 1ml syringe so its not that bad.

lol. I did the dead center and it hurt like a b!tch.

This isn’t as realistic as some make it out to be. I’ve been doing IM in the glutes for 5 years with no drastic issues. I pin twice a week and always have a place to go. If not, then I pin my upper quads (way up high) for a week then back to glutes.

There is no sense in creating all these lumps in your body. I tried subQ once and got a big red welt. Some of us arent cut out for subQ

I did sub-q for a while using 28g & 30g 1/2 inch needle 1CC insulin syringes 1-2 inches to the left/right off the navel. This is not new info but it’s what I found worked best.

Don’t pinch the skin just stick it in and inject slowly (think 1 Mississippi for every .01ml). Once done leave it there for a few secs then pull it halfway out, wait a few secs and pull it fully out (helps keeps oil from coming out). After a few minutes I’d gently massage the injection area to disperse the oil. I had major nodules before doing it this way. There really isn’t a way to do it without getting nodules but I found this way helped keep them few and go away quicker.

@danmeister You seem to be having an unusually hard time with injections, maybe your central nervous system is not able to handle piercing the skin with needles, have you considered T cream applied to the scrotum?

Have you tried reducing the injection dose and upping the injection frequency? Just as a trial. Maybe it’s the size of the dose thats the issue.

They ended up going away after a while for me. Maybe my body got used to the subq injection. To the point about a smaller needle making it like a pressure washer, that would only be true if it was a water based compound. The oil still just drips out even with a lot of force

You may be right, but hydraulic fluid is indeed oil.

just to wrap up this thread in case it may help someone else… for some reason it just started to work. I use 27g 1/2" into the top of the thigh, sink it in and inject slow. Nodules just went away… not sure if my CNS just adapted but… if this is you… keep going. Don’t stop. It’ll get better.

Bro… inject into the ventroglute. Easy reach no need to aspirate and no pain. I use 27g no problem. Scar tissue? Cmon… thats not a real issue.