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I can't eat protein

Hey everyone I?ve been sick with an inflamed pancreas for the past week, this has led to severe stomach cramps and vomiting. When I saw my doctor, he told me to not eat ANY fats or ANY protein (until I am better maybe another week or 2), as they are harder to digest. So basically my diet has consisted of oatmeal, bread, some fruits, water, jello, crackers and plain soup (Pasta is too hard on my stomach so I?m not eating it any more, I tried). What I am getting at is that my cramps are gone, but I still can?t eat protein or fats. I asked my doctor about training, and he said just to do light, high rep movements. What would be better for my withering away body? A) Not to train until I am able to eat protein, or B) train.
The reason I ask, is, because protein repairs muscle, and with no protein, will I be doing more harm than good?

PS. I have almost lost 10 lbs already, for a couple days I didn?t eat anything. Sucks big time

Oh ya, sorry for the long post, but if you lost weight from not training or not eating right, is it easier to gain what weight you had back, than gaining the weight as if you never had it??


Well I cant tell you from having a bad collarbone injury a few years ago, it is easier to put the muscle back on once you’ve had than trying to build “new” muscle.

As far as your question about which is better to train or not to, I can’t really help you there.