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I Can't Believ it's Not Butter or BS?!

Okay T-gang here is. I can’t Believe it’s not Butter SPRAY. They say it has 0 calories yet it tastes pretty damn good! I am skeptical or worry it’s just too good to be true (IE: It really has 3 cals per spray which adds up if you use 50 sprays!) Heres the information: Serving Size 5 sprays (1g.) Servings per container 226.
Protein 0, Carbs 0, Fat 0, Sodium 15mg, Calories 0.
Ingrediants: Water, Liquid Soybean oil, Sweet Cream Buttermilk, Xanthan Gum,Soy Lecithin, Polysorbate 60, Artficial flavor Flavor, Colored with Beta Carotene.
Is this okay?

I use this as well, and have heard from others that it IS healthy. Tastes good to me.

Sorry, guys, but it’s a dirty trick with the labeling laws. If the serving is small enough, they can claim the product has 0 grams of fat or 0 calories per serving. (The laws basically allow them to round down to zero.) Then they make the serving size impossibly small so they can round down. For example, Pam cooking spray is said to have no fat, yet it’s made of pure canola oil. Hmmmm… Serving size: 1/3 of one second spray time. Is that even possible? And if so, does anyone actually do it? No, but it allows them to claim that product is fat and calorie free. Meanwhile, most consumers are spraying their pans thick with it thinking it’s not adding any calories. The product you’re talking about is probably doing the same.

BTW, some “fat free” milk is in fact watered down whole milk using the same dirty trick.

I use the stuff about once a day. Either on toast or vegetables, but being an anal bastard, I count out only 5-6 sprays. It does the job and tastes good.

It has hydrogenated ingredients, which are worse for your health (and cholesterol) than plain ol’ butter.

The amount of “hydrogenated ingredients” is far to small to make a difference.

I get a lot of flak on these types of things, but if I remember the last time I looked at one of those bottles, partially hydrogenated soybean oil was the second ingredient. It may not be enough to “make a difference,” but I like to avoid arterial wall scarring as much as possible.

Most fat free/calorie free butter substitutes are in fact nothing but pure fat from hydrogenated oils.

Can you elaborate on your response a bit…i’m interested in learning.

BTW- thanks for the response on the thermo thread...I'll have to try that out sometime.

Son of a… I say that it’s got hydrogenated stuff in it, and you say “Pshaw, not enough to harm a 3 gram elf with a pacemaker.” Now, Kelly Baggett comes on here, and you make all nice and say “I want to learn.”

I don’t have the knowledge nor “namepower,” if you will, of Kelly… but you might want to keep this in mind the next time you dismiss something someone says without giving it consideration.

It’s like Chris said. They tweak the serving size and labeling around so much to make the products look “calorie free” or “light” or whatever but most of the time what you’re getting is pure processed fat and not so great. I’m not so sure about the ingredients in the above mentioned product but others i’ve seen definitely are not as healthy as they may seem.

My two cents, throw away your cans of crap spray, and buy a oil misting sprayer. That way you can use good natural oils like olive , grapeseed, or rice bran. Besides the hydrogenated fats, its loaded with a bunch of questionable ingredients.

Adding to Shugarts post, I hope everyone knows that Splenda is not calorie free as well. A one gram packet is in fact (if memory serves) 1.2% sucralose, and 49.4% each of dextrose and maltodextrin - under 1/2 gram you can round down. Not that such a small amount will probably hurt anyone, but you have to laugh at someone who would load this stuff into their foods thinking it’s calorie free. Then again it’s not so funny if a diabetic were to unsuspectingly use a bunch.

Why does everyone take things out of context? Hmmmm…

I spoke in specific reference to the aforementioned product in the orginal post (as you did)...Kelly made a very general statement about butter substitutes, in which I asked him to elaborate on this statement so I could get a clearer understanding as to what exactly he was referring to...i was interested in learning about which butter substitutes he was referring to.

My prior statement in reference to the product the poster mentioned still stands...wasn't writing anything anyone said off...you're name could have been John Berardi and said what you said and I would have still responded the same way (and I have in the past)...names don't mean jack shit to me.

You guys need to listen to KO on this one. All the propellents, preservatives and plain old chemicals will not make your food taste that much better in the long run and youll probably live a much better life. USE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL. IT TASTES GOOD AND IT IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH!

Cooking with extra virgin olive oil is a no-no.

So approximately how many calories does a packet of Splenda have?

If Ed’s percentages are correct; that would be just under 1 gram of carbohydrates or ~4 calories…so if you were to use about 5 packets of Splenda, you’d be getting just under 5 grams of the most insulin spiking sugars out there.

Extra virgin, has a low smokepoint, so its not a good idea, but use the ones I mentioned earlier.

For anyone who has a bottle of this “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” spray handy I am curious. Take a measuring tablespoon and see how many sprays it takes to fill the tablespoon.