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I Can’t Find a Dr Who Will Give an Effective Dose of Testosterone

I’ve taken the T test a few times. Each time it comes out below normal. The dr says I’m a candidate for T. So he gives me 100mg every two weeks which basically does nothing.


I can’t convince him that 150 or 200mg once a week is much more effective. (Because I’ve taken it before.) it’s very frustrating. And the dr who used to have me on the more effective regimen is retired…lol.

I’m in the SF Bay Area.

Telemed is the answer. Online, telemed t-mills will give you whatever you want (within reason) and they’ll deliver it to your door. It’s Grubhub for testosterone.

Yep, I second this.

I have an awesome and super educated doc in California that I call twice a year. He does Telemed or in person.

Can you point us to a good online source for finding these doctors?

Find someone else, there are plenty in California and especially in the cities. The downside is I hear they are expensive and a little “sleazy”. I have quite a few guys who fly in from California and that is their reporting, not mine. But, not necessarily an issue for you as it sounds as though this isn’t your first time around TRT.

Telemedicine is another option with COVID and it’s growing at a considerable pace, so maybe a good option.

There is one that is my go to for telemed. I haven’t yet found anyone in California that meets my standards. There surely must be some just haven’t found them yet.

If any of you are in my Facebook group, I have compiled a list of my recommended providers who I have personally vetted. I don’t believe I can post it here as the links will get blocked by the mods.

Thanks, I’ll join. I was on Tnation a few months back and remember you. I read some good sounding advice from you. So I value what you have to contribute.

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Are you self-administering? If so, break that up into 2 50mg per week shots and get bloodwork in 4 weeks.

OP indicated that the 100mg was e2 weeks.

right or 50mg per week if he is able to self administer

4 weeks isn’t long enough to run bloods. 6 at the minimum. 8 is ideal.

100mg every 2 weeks? FML

Ah, I’d mis-read your post.
My bad.

Ok so I’m completely open to good advice here. My testosterone test just came back yesterday and the nurse just called me and said the dr says no need for any further T.

Keep in mind, my reason for beginning at in the first place was very low libido (progressively worse over the yrs,) erection issues (hard to maintain it,) fatigue middle of day and my concentrations seems off over the past few yrs. when I started T, I started feeling better after approx 3 weeks to a month and the erections came came back strong, etc.

Here’s my test results from yesterday:

Total Testosterone (range 260-1000) 270
Free Testosterone (range 50-210) 77
% Free Testosterone (range 1.00-2.70) 2.85
Sex hormone binding globulin (range 14.5-48) 14.9

The CBC counts were all normal. Cholesterol good if that’s even applicable. I asked him if it’s in the normal range but on the very low end AND I have the libido-erection issues AND previous T therapy helped me immensely, wouldn’t it be wise for me to go back on it? And this Endocrinologist said “not necessarily. I am DONE with mainstream doctors for the T issue. It really makes me mad. I’m following thru with online T help today.

Am I wrong for believing that the T count is normal around 500 ish for a normal 46yr old guy? I say that because some friends of mine have tested around there and are of similar age to me. And that level, they have normal drive and erections.

I’m sure 270 isn’t the norm, that’s for sure.

I’m also sure it’s idiotic for your doc not to do something about someone with symptoms and a T value right at the lower limit. At the very least, try it for a month or two and see what happens.

I’d def be finding a private provider if I was in your shoes.

This is because it has nothing to do with a level. Take 100 guys with the same level and they will all feel differently.

Look up Elevate Men’s Clinic. They are my go to for telemed. They treat symtoms and not numbers. Tell Gil I sent you if you’d like. Perhaps it could speed things up a bit.

Also… Congratulations. You have the T levels of a healthy 90 year old man.


Your doc is a moron.

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How many days after your last shot was the test taken?