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I can squat again!!!

I posted a while back about how I had injured myself squatting and the replies I got suggested that I perform reverse hypers and frequent stretching of the legs.
Well I saw my physical therepist yesterday and he told me to resume squatting. That was the best new I had recieved in a long time. I no longer have to wait for the fat chicks to get off the machines so that I can train legs. Thank you to every one who suggested that I do reverse hypers and stretch.

That is great to hear! Try to use this rebuilding time to work on your form and flexibility. Don’t rush it.
Best of Luck.

theres nothing quite like the fat chicks that come into the gym and sit their asses on the leg press and crunch machine all day. but not before doing about 2 hours of cardio at about 95% of their mhr. all the while saying “i dont want to get big and bulky, i just want to tone my ass and abs.”

cadawg, what type of leg problems did you have? I have patella-femoral syndrome, which means cartilage wear and tear. Also, the connective tissue above the kneecap hurts when I do squats. If you had the same problem, can you elaborate on what kind of stretching you did?