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I Can Only Train Once Per Week

Why dont you do:

A1)8 sets of 4 Front Squat (6rm)
A2)8 sets of 4 Leg Curl

B1)8 sets of 4 Flat Bench Press (6rm)
B2)8 sets of 4 Deadlift

C1) 3 sets of 12 Leg Press
C2) 3 sets of 12 Bulgarian Squat

D1) 3 sets of 12 Decline Flyes
D2) 3 sets of 12 T-Bar Rows or cable rows

And do maybe 1/2 hour of whatever you want arms maybe ?

That would fry you good, considering you have 6 days to recover.

[quote]ds77 wrote:
1 set of 5 reps–once a week. Sounds like you will be doing a lot of work once a week for nothing. I cant see how this program can yield any results.[/quote]

Ok - thats what i shouldnt be doing, what should i doing then ds77?

Once per week is not enough. Twice is the minimum. MAYBE Once is enough to maintain, but I doubt you can make much growth.

[quote]sjfou wrote:
Now im eating 2000 cals a day, 40:30:30 PCF, 6 skills sessions at night a week (varying between boxing, BJJ, MT, wrestling etc.) & 3 longer distance cardio sessions & 2 HIIT cardio sessions. Just the S&C i need to add in.

For the record, i work a fast paced office job 0800-1600 Mon-Fri, Bounce 1800-0500 Fri & Sat night + run my own web-based MMA store. I Train S&C before work & Train skills after work Mon-Fri & Sat arvo’s, ill do my weight session Sunday arvo. So yeah, my CNS gets a kick in the nuts & im probably borderline chronic/adrenal fatigue sufferer. I keep my caffeine for when i need it & resetting sleep patterns.

A lot of work and little energy to do it with… I’d pick 3 or 4 exercises that target mostly my weakest muscles, keep sets and reps low, very slow and controlled negative and then explode the weight up…

Concentrate fully on each rep alone and not worry too much about making a fixed repetion set, instead have an overall rep goal for a each movement and have as many sets as it takes to attain maybe 15 to 25 reps in total.

I am not much of an authority, but this type of weight training combined with frequent bodyweight training has allowed me to increase strength and come back to the gym full time stronger than I was before.

Overall though I would say you seriously need to re-evaluate your focus and methods… no one can train everything succesfully at once and not for long anyway.

If you are going to do everything at once you might as well go for the overtraining effect. If your mind cannot compartmentalize and shift your training focus and recovery habits perhaps youd be better off training as hard and as frequently as you can untill your body will crash and force you to modify your ways accordingly… course that might have the adverse effect and if you burn out hard enough you might end up reversing your progress by a mile.

Dunno… my two cents worth from what I can deduct of your posts is that you have way too much shit on your plate at the moment.