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I Can Haz Cheezburger

so, whats the best burger out there?
big mac?
quarter pounder family?
whopper family?
something unkown?

australian opinions wanted mostly :wink:

Culvers. Midwestern US chain.


and also, what makes your favourite burger so good?

i love any beef burger with tzatziki sauce

fudrucker’s 1 pounder. who doesnt like a pound of cow flesh

[quote]Brown_Lifter wrote:
and also, what makes your favourite burger so good?

i love any beef burger with tzatziki sauce[/quote]

my all time favourite burger is the big mac with an extra mcchicken patty, reminds me of good times and is a perfect hangover cure. otherwise the double quarter pounder is a good option.

i dont really like the burgers supplied by oporto’s or nando’s, the best burgers I have had is either from tgi fridays or this burger joint near southern cross station in melbourne cbd, the way the flavours hit the tongue are phenominal…

sadly on my cheat day a couple weeks back I tried the mcaustralia and mcasia both shit, I didn’t like the mcafrica or mceurope either. the mcamerica was pretty good.

I’m currently on a cut and been on for close too 2 months, my 21st birthday is currently approaching yet my family cant understand why I want kfc for dinner lol

big mac + mchicken patty…i will try this.

nando’s burgers suck ass.

never tried any of the “olympic” burgers. couldn’t be bothered >_>

Burger Wisconsin or Burger Fuel. Wendy’s will suffice at a punch.

Anything that fills me up and doesn’t taste like shit so none of them:)


Wendy’s triple.

or White Castle… mmmmm.

Fudruckers bar far but Whataburger is pretty good too.

Bernie Mac:
2 double cheese burgers from McDonalds, remove top and bottom bun and join the 2 fuckers - it tastes very good.

5 Guys

Doubt you have it over there though…

Schaller’s in Rochester, NY. No contest.


But there are only 2 so you are shit out of luck

In n’ Out Burger

i wanna eat all these USA delicacy’s

[quote]CrewPierce wrote:
5 Guys

Doubt you have it over there though…[/quote]


I stopped by a Wendy’s yesterday for the first time in over 10 years and was very disappointed. I thought they used to be halfway decent. Plus, a double with bacon cost almost 5 bucks without fries/drink. Ridiculous!

All the big chains sell grease laden crap. If you want a good burger, find a nice pub that makes them fresh to order.

Or make it yourself ya lazy bum!