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I Can Afford Two MRI's Which One Should I Get


Left Pectoral and Shoulder Injury from Bench Press- Caused by using Bodybuilding form while doing power lifting.

The Bench Press bar fell on my chest and when I looked in the mirror of the changing room there was a dent the size of Two Dollar coin on the lower part of my chest. massive swelling on the side of my Pectoral near the armpit.

There was bruising of the pectoral where the dent was. One month later my collar bone became swollen and pops on me constantly specially when I wake up. My doctor told me it was a macro tear and that there is nothing to worry about at the beginning so I went to the gym, and decided to work the muscles around the pectoral, I did a pull up and heard a tear on the side of my pectoral near my armpit. I did not know that Pull-ups worked the pectoral at the time, so I ended up hurting the tendon near my armpit even more. Some time in the first month I pushed my arm forward as a stretch and the side of my pectoral popped, and the swelling went down a lot. Four Months have passed and I�?�¢??m getting weaker, I can no longer dead lift 315lbs cause of shoulder pains. I stopped working out for 4 weeks now and my shoulder feels more stable but I heard it wouldn�?�¢??t be good for operation if I stopped working out my pectoral.

Things I have noticed-
1.Incline Bench hurts my left shoulder a lot, like a stabbing pain.
2. Using medium weights on Bench press makes my shoulder feel hollow.
3.Strength difference- I can do lat rows with a dumbbell with 120lb on my right side while my left can only do 45lbs. Big difference in Dumbbell shoulder press also.

4.It hurts the left shoulder to do dead lifts while four and a half months have already passed since my injury.

  1. Can�?�¢??t do squats cause the bar slips off my left side since my shoulder blade is loose.

  2. Unstable grinding shoulder, it pops in and out when I wake up and so does my collar bone near my sternum. I noticed the instability after the second month that I had this injury and a tight feeling near my shoulder blade.

  3. The side of my pectoral popped the second time for no reason at all and the tightness in my shoulder blade went away but it�?�¢??s still loose.

  4. I have a flat hard bed, so I notice my shoulder blade sticks out more then the other side by a lot.

  5. When Working I have to lift blocks of cheese that are 40lbs like a shoulder raise except using two hands and it hurts my shoulders which is odd cause I can naturally do 40lb raises on each side before injury but the cheese has a big area so I have to use both hands.
  6. lateral shoulder raises hurts my shoulder.
  7. Pull-ups put a lot of strain on my pectorals now.
  8. Still a hard bump near my armpit even after the swelling went down.
  9. Swelling of a tendon from the collar bone to the insert of the front deltoid.
    Minor injuries- Wrist: lost of grip strength, I massaged my wrist everyday and now I got rid of the tightness but my wrist clicks on me now when I flex my forearm and move my hand. I got tightness in my forearm but I think that�?�¢??s related to my wrist problem.
    Elbow and Bicep tendon- pain in certain movements.
    Neck- slight pain, maybe a strained trap cause there is a part of my trap that moves like a wave when I flex.

Questions: Can I be referred to a doctor that is off the island? I did some research, and most people have to wait 3 years for shoulder surgery that�?�¢??s on the Island. I Myself have already waited 4 months for a doctor and I have to wait 4 more months. The average wait for an MRI is 8 months and then I mostly likely have to wait a little longer for surgery too. The recovery process for Torn pectoral after surgery is 6 to 12 months. I most likely can�?�¢??t get it in P.E.I. My family doctor told me they don�?�¢??t do surgery for pectoral minor ruptures in P.E.I. I understand that part because it�?�¢??s a rare injury only happen in the weight room, car accidents and contact sports. There are people on P.E.I waiting for shoulder surgery and their enlisted in 2012 to go to queens country hospital for surgery. It was on the News that it would be too late for him to have surgery by that time which worries me, and I haven�?�¢??t even been diagnosed yet. What Concerns me the most is that when I looked up �?�¢??Ruptured Pectoral and Canadian Clinics.�?�¢?? I can�?�¢??t even find one, and even in America there is only a few. Most of them are shoulder surgeons.


ok this is 3 years ago, i now have chronic stiffness in my muscle like myogelosis condition, in both my pectoralis, and upper back specially trapizus muscle, i tried physiotherapy, graston technique, massage therapy, and the only one that got rid of some of the inflamation was accupuncture- dry needling style.

im right now on vacation in asia right now, and i can afford only two MRI's which one i get out of these three? and why..

Shoulder- is where all my pain is coming from.

Pectoralis- i think i might have torn it.

Upper back- alotttt of tightness that lasted 3 years.

i went to get a mri of my front deltoid in canada but the doctor have no clue whats wrong and just said it wasnt torn and that i don't need to repair my pectoralis muscle unless im a proffessional athlete, i was shocked to hear this... and my general doctor told me that the doctor actually dont repair pectoralis minors soooo ya i kinda got screwed over with the free health care..

im a young man and i just dont have that kind of money and i need to make a decision, of what to get for a diagnoses.

Did i mention my rhomboid got messed up cause it wasn't retracted when i bench press, ya i had weight lifting lessons but it wasnt from someone that qualified... so i didn't know you had to retract the rhomboids and the left side got torn badly.

I would try Art as its really popular in these forums but it's so rare in Canada.

Three days and no one answers? no one loves me :cry:


I would get the shoulder done, have it evaluated, and make my desicion about the next one after that.


why shoulder?


Get the shoulder MRI. The shoulder MRI will include the area where the Pec tendon attaches to the humerus.

If you have torn your pec muscle belly, there is nothing that can be done because it is like trying to sew raw hamburger together. If you have torn your pec tendon, it will show up on the shoulder MRI.

EDIT: dude, I just reread this, and it seems like you had all of the pec tearing issues 3 years ago. Chances are, you're straight fucked. Sorry. You've probably got a pec that's chock full of scar tissue.


Seriously Dude!? 3 years ago? Yup, as borrek noted, you're straight fucked. Keep that socialized medicine up there!


well ya im still in alot of pain, seriously can't they not be a douche and have both free and private health care. I refuse to believe there isn't a cure for my suffering really. im too young and have long to suffer.


Well, "free" healthcare isn't free, as that just means somebody else has to pay for it, but that's for another thread.....
In all seriousness, why don't you get a green card or whatever, come here to the States legally, get a job with a company that has good health benefits and get yourself fixed up here? Do you have marketable skills?


hahaha! i heard green cards is like winning a lottery, and no i can't i have a family that ill feel guilty to leave behind.