I Built a Squat Rack

Just built this last weekend. Cost $80 to make. Ignore the 100lbs on there now, I’ll be making concrete 45lbs this weekend, should cost $5 a piece.

But there are no depth pins right?

That’s what’s mandatory in a power rack for me.

thats actually pretty cool man, I’ve thought of building one before, except mine would be steel. I just dont have the room for one though so its off to the gym I go.

dont get any splinters…

hey cool idea…good luck with it…watch out for termites.


That’s pretty legit, how much does it weight?


That’s cool, I was always wondering why no one has ever built one.

The ARTEM rack goes perfectly with the FRAMSTÃ? entertainment unit and the NVERGST reading lamp!



Way to double post on /fit/.

I built one before as well, but unfortunately I don’t have space for it in my house. I also have one I bought, so I have two power racks just sitting at my farm, can’t use them.

The one I built was made from 1/4 inch thick rectangular steel tubing. It is the most beastly power rack i’ve ever seen, let alone used. The highest rack is 7 feet tall. It’s just a real pain in the ass to move from place to place. It’s a pretty basic design, though it is easy to use.

I think it would probably survive a nuclear bomb.

Great job. The only possible problem I can see is that the rack may start to sway after some use. Can you anchor it to the ceiling or the wall? I have a somewhat simpler construct in my basement. You can see pictures of it in my profile, if you are interested.

[quote]debraD wrote:
The ARTEM rack goes perfectly with the FRAMSTÃ?? entertainment unit and the NVERGST reading lamp!



That bench looks damned uncomfortable.

Good job, nevertheless, Artem.


it needs depth pins, otherwise its cool.

hey way to go! make some more and sell them.

Nice job. I might suggest connecting the two back uprights together as you have done at the bottom. That way it’s more of “one piece” instead of two. Seems like if you got some real weight on there, there would be quite a bit of jiggle. Even though, good initiative.