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I Broke The 600 Deadlift Barrier


Congrats man! Give hope and belief to the minimalist movement!


do some curls ya sissy


Dude is happily married. And quite fetching in appearance… :wink:


He don’t need no curlz for 'da girlz.


Yeah man! I hardly ever max out, so I was stuck at 405 for the longest and recently hit 435. Hoping for 500 to get me into USPA Natty Nats. Def shooting for 600 after that, ideally 666.7


Nice receding hairline bro (I got nothing, am more bald, and super jealous of your pull…)


Are you sure he wants his personal information on here? Name, career, location, etc.


Considering that I posted the article itself in my own training log, and I have never hidden my identity, it’s fine. It’s not like he had to do any detective work - I posted it myself.


Cool - I didn’t know it came from your log. Wasn’t attacking the guy, just didn’t know if you were comfortable with that and wanted to make sure. Hell of a lift, by the way.


Wicked awesome!


Hell yeah brother!


The march towards 700 continues slowly but surely…I had never really considered that a possibility but now I think it’s within reach with a few more years’ work…


Besides the fact that that was a VERY smooth pull and you look like you already have 20 more lbs in you right now, your eccentric on these DLs is unreal. I understand you had a kid and it’s probably out of fear for your life, since I don’t think my wife would be happy about in-house DLing with a newborn either, but it’s super impressive nonetheless. Awesome pull man.


I’ve said this a few times - basically every time that I’ve hit a new deadlift PR, I think “God, that was hard” and then I watch the video & think I should be good for a few more pounds. The first time I hit 550 was an exception - total grind that took what seemed like an eternity to fully lock out. But 600, 605, and 610 have all been smooth “Oh, you’re good for more” pulls on video.

I think, since I’m not training for competition but just for fun / personal satisfaction, I tend to play it conservative on my PR efforts. I usually just go for a 5 pound PR even if i might be good for more. Slow and steady progress. But I am now thinking that, over the next year, it may be fun to see if I can creep upwards from 600 into the mid-600’s, and maybe get into shouting distance of 700 one day.


Awesome job!!!
Does most of your deadlift training involve just singles, or do you pull some doubles and triples too?

Edit: Nevermind…I see your training log on the other board!


Nice work man, smooth lifts.


More people need to get in this mentality. It’s hard because of Instagram and the internet in general, but most of us are not competitors and less of us are actually elite. No reason in maxing full out always. Awesome pull as always brother.


It’s way more impressive that you have the restraint to chase that 5 lb pr, plus I feel like there’s some fairly popular program floating around that demonstrates the effectiveness of slow, submaximal progression…


Nice work. 610 looked smooooooth.

I have found that when I get really locked in, mainly my lats engaged, and weight back on my heals my max effort pulls look like yours (though I’m 50 lbs behind you, heh).


Congrats on the baby and the lift! Keep it going!