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I Broke The 600 Deadlift Barrier

So if @Alpha gets to have his own thread for hitting a 700 deadlift, then screw all of you, I’m throwing myself a little party for breaking the 600 barrier.

Now accepting backslaps and attaboys.


Great job!

Where was the barrier?


Cool beanz, man!

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Awesome job! I’m closing in on 550 myself and hope to get another 50 over the next year.

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Fuckin smashed it!!


Attaboy! Seriously though, there was more in there. Fucking awesome.

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Great job man! Love the emotion after!

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Attaboy! #backflap or #backslap ?

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“Great work” seems like a pretty solid understatement


awesome job dude. Congrats!!


That was done with authority!

Many backslaps and attaboys!

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Thanks y’all. I’m on a little vacation now but I do appreciate the backslaps and attaboys, Many of you have indirectly contributed to my growth as a lifter here, and I do have the TN community to thank as a general source of motivation and knowledge.

Depending on who you ask, 600 seems to range from “meh, nothing special” to “OMG you must be on steroids” - personally, I think it’s enough to qualify as a “you clearly lifted with some dedication for awhile to achieve this, and not everyone could/would do that” milestone.

Brief timeline:

August 2015: joined a gym and picked up a loaded barbell for the first time in five-plus years (although I had been messing with kettlebells quite a bit in 2014-2015). Pulled 305 on the first day, with residual strength from my teen and college years as well as the kettlebelling.

January 2016: 405

Spring 2016: ran a low volume high frequency deadlift “program” (using that term loosely). Pulled 3-5 days per week, most workouts being an extremely simple series of half a dozen singles between 315 and 405. Only occasionally did I go above 405 in training. Also, I did no barbell squats to this point; all of the gains came from just pulling and some kettlebell stuff.

July 2016: 500

Fall 2016: got married, honeymoon, kept training but didn’t really pursue gains. No PR attempts for awhile.

February 2017: moved training from the blah commercial gym to a CrossFit gym, which was a motivating factor; also started squatting with some regularity, which surely accelerated the gains train from 500 -> 600.

May 2017: 550

August 2017: 600

Moving to a house when we get back from vacation, so future gains will be coming from the ActivitiesGuy Barbell Club in my garage: TN will remain my source of inspiration as I chase luminaries such as Alpha, flipcollar, MarkKO, T3hPwnisher, and others…


I like how it just happened real fast, almost overnight. After 15 years of work.


Great job, AG!

Woah, good job!

Congratulations! You made that look effortless!

Congratulations man.

A fun update to this: one year later, on my 32nd birthday, four weeks after my wife gave birth to our first child, I topped it with…a five-pound PR.

Really happy with this considering the low volume of training (high frequency, but low daily volume) and lack of sleep for the past few months. If nothing else, my tale suggests that one can make progress on a VERY minimalist program.


Congratulations! All the way around!

Fantastic! It’s been fun watching you progress with your unique style of training. Dont change anything!!!

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