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I Bought (Another) Handgun Today


Well last fall I bought my first personal handgun. An old Ruger P95DAO. I made a pistol thread when I bought that pistol. As the thread went on a few members said "I'd have spent a little more and gotten something better." So, today, that's what I did. I got rid of the Ruger and ordered the new Beretta 92A1.

I've always been fond of the Berettas. I remember first shooting one when I was maybe 10-12 years old. Needless to say I'm very excited to pick it up later this week!

Anyone else have any experience with this gun? I bought it purely on the fact that I've loved the 92s I've shot in the past. The new A1 has some new upgrades that I'm fond of: Picatinny rail, dovetail front sight, 17 rd mags.

I'm located in Nashville, if there are any members who would want to go shooting sometime, let me know!

Anyone else make an new firearms purchases lately???



I don't think I've ever shot your model, though I've shot a Beretta of some sort once. It was at an IDPA match and it was for some sort of scenario they had going, where you had to take a weapon off of a "dead" person (aka a scarecrow) and use it to kill the perp.

Dude. Check out the IDPA (international defense pistol association). It rawks, hardcore.

No new firearm purchases recently, btw. I have a small collection of guns and adding to that has been temporarily put on hold so I can get other things that I currently need more. Sadly. :frowning:


17rd mags! holy shit. i have always had a soft spot for the beretta, that was my uncle's issued gun for most of his career, then they switched to the smith and wesson mp40 a few years ago- pretty sure he misses his beretta. funny thing is a lot of shooters seem to hate them. dont know, there's just something about them that i like- people talk about how the gun functions and such, and then people will comment about something being a "good looking gun" as if that matters for anything. well- to me- the beretta is a damn fine looking gun. only shot a 92fs once, but i think theyre nice.


I've shot a friend's Beretta and it was very easy to handle. Have fun!

Most recent for me was a Glock 29 compact 10mm. One day I'm gonna get some full-power DoubleTap ammo to run through it... none of this down loaded plinking shit! Not that you'd plink with 10mm unless you have lots of $$. 10mm and .357 mag are the two reasons I want to start reloading.


What's nice about the berreta is that they also sell the carbine which has interchangable mags with the pistol.


With regards to that, I find the .40 carbine more interesting which is interchangable with an older Beretta 96 model.

Anyways, I also like the 92. With regards to semis, I seem to fare better with full-scale, heavy models.
With these compact plastic guns I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn... from the inside.


It takes a lot of practice to use the polymer compacts well. I've had a Kel Tec PF-9 for like 8 months and although it's a lot easier to shoot now, the learning curve was pretty steep.


ive been putting rounds down range lately with an h+k p2000- very different trigger system, it's interesting.


I bought a super soaking 6000 the other day....


This took me completely by surprise.


I was looking at the P2000...A tad out of my price range though. What'd you think of it??? What was interesting about the trigger system?


I have a 96 and I love it. Good shape, weight, and handling. It is just a good all-around gun that will do well defensively or in target shooting.


Well the 92A1 came in a day early to my surprise! Took it to the range and put 200 rounds through it. It shoots like a dream! Very accurate right out of the box; which is to be expected, its just nice to know I'm not a shit shot.

Now some gun porn.


Streamlight TLR-1 on the way :slightly_smiling:


W/ Colt AR & Emerson CQC-15


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Photo of the safe room.

Some are still with us - some have moved onto new homes.




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