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I Bought a Neck Harness. Am I Dumb?

No, I did not bite into the neck training fade, but I did buy a neck harness because I was getting a lot of stiff neck waking up, and a lot of bad posture with my head tilting forward. I was told to try neck work outs and behold my symptoms improved.

So, yeah I bought a neck harness to do the back neck muscles since I’ve only been doing the front. I feel like I have a very weak, or fatty neck. Dunno? The front exercises seem to have improved not only the look but the previous annoying stiffness I was having.

Anyone else have one?

Not dumb if it works for you.

I just use an old piece of surgical tubing.


I have an old leg kickback attatchment that has a weird extra strap that makes it look like a neck harness. I sometimes use it as one. It also sounds better to have a neck harness than a leg kickback attachment lol

If it makes training your neck easier and didn’t cost much then why not

I guess cuz some people think it’s not good to train your neck? some say it causes sleep apnea

I have the spud neck harness and the Ironmind headstrap fit for Hercules. I prefer the spud.

I have one that was given to me with a bunch of assorted junk ei… DB handles, collars, etc… I have never once entertained the thought of using it.

Depends on how big your neck actually is along with other factors. Most guys I see don’t have over developed necks to begin with. I would say doing some form of neck work isn’t going to cause someone to develop apnea.

I’ve known plenty of wrestlers who used them and plenty who didn’t. Big necks all around.

In terms of your stiffness, if it helps then it was money well spent IMO.



Is it a fad right now?

I started training my neck because I looked at my neck to shoulder ratio in the mirror and I realized I needed to train it just like the rest of my body.


it is a fade and has been for about a year or so. popularized by a few social media fitness gurus.

I’ve been enjoying working out my neck and I’ve gotten benefits so I think I’ll continue.

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If your neck is a fade, your barber screwed up.


Are you referring to alphadestiny? He was one of the main videos that popped up when I started looking into neck training.

Honestly, I never did rack pulls or power shrugs until I watched his explanation as to why it develops your traps. I had really good results using a few of his techniques. Traps blew up very quickly.

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yeah he definitely blew it up into a fade. he’s definitely on gear or was and doesn’t tell his audience but some of his neck/trap techniques are solid but nothing new or revolutionary.

I haven’t watched him consistently enough to be able to tell. Maybe ill stalk his social media and take a look.

Mine exploded, but I think its mostly because I absolutely neglected them prior. Didn’t really have any good trap exercises.

You should train your neck at some point. You have the harness, so use it.

I briefly stopped my neck exercises because I wasn’t doing the back of my neck, but now I will return to doing them 3 times a week. How often do you do them?

I have only been doing it for a short time, but maybe, twice a week.

yours exploded from a short time 2x a week? either you did indeed have a tiny neck or I dunno because the neck muscles aren’t very responsive. I think it takes years to grow a big neck

Traps blew up in size. Neck gained visible size, but its gonna be much slower I agree.