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I, Bodybuilder


What's this??


a new T-Muscle superprogram, for high-threshold radical hypertrophy... just a guess though


Holy s...


This interested me. I saw Thib's new avatar, and I was impressed. I was hoping he'd show the entire body (no homo), just to see the WHOLE package (damn, that came out homo), but I guess he might want to conceal his overall results until the program comes out.

I must say though, I hope I have enough equipment to give this program a try........crossed fingers


By the way, where did you get the banner?


It looks like the announcement of a new high-threshold radical hypertrophy T-Muscle superprogram called "I, Bodybuilder" and it will be coming soon.


scroll down the home page :smiley:


TMUSCLE home page. Scrolled down to get my daily dose of T&A and lo...




Wow !

I know a few guys at the gym who will be doing the same routine


Clever son-of-a-bitch! I can't believe I missed that! Whats pathetic on my part is that the picture is huge :stuck_out_tongue:


jesus! It's huge, fuckin CT scared the shit out of me and I don't want to hear "that's what she said" HA


The new superprogram sounds very promising, I hope he puts out an athlete version too. As I feel that would more help my goals. can't wait to start his peri workout nutrition protocol of pulsing.


:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: dont sweat on it...It Happens to the best of us! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


i hate that "coming soon" crap... such a cock-tease


I love how it says "I, Bodybuilder" such a Incredible Hulk thing to say...."I, Hulk Smash!"


Or more like "I, Robot" or "I am Legend" (funny Will Smith starred in both of them)


Cool picture. I think I can out "trap" him though.


Picture rocks. Shoulders are looking a lot bigger.


Maybe T-Nation can make a movie staring Will Smith and we can call him the "I, Man"?