I,Bodybuilder with Shoulder Restrictions

Hi, I tore my supraspinatus last year and after major delays with hospital and physio I kind of gave up hope with getting it sorted. Anyway a year later through trail and error, time and persistence I’ve been training again for 8 months. Strength and size has come back slowly, although I’m not back to my old strength as before but to give you an idea I floor press 130kg for 4 good clean reps and incline bech the 50 dumbells for sets of 8, so I’m pleased.
Now I’m really keen to get my teeth into this I bodybuilder programe, but I have restrictions due to my shoulder, exercises I can’t do are any kind of decline press or any type of upright row movement.

I see that on the shoulder phase this involves upright rows and high pulls, these I can’t do. Any suggestions? As in how to replace these for something else.
I’ve incorporated a lot of pin presses and floor presses of late, and absolutely loving these:-)

Anyone offer any advice

Can you do lows pulls or power shrugs? Regardless, in relation to building shoulder, the high pull hits your traps, rear delts, and a little bit of side delts. I think they also strengthen my shoulder girdle and actually make my shoulders feel better. In short, I don’t think there’s any one or two exercises you can do to replace them.

Your best bet might be to increase your volume of accessory movements that hit all those muscles, to try to recreate what the high pulls do for you. So more shrugs, more rear laterals, more delt raises. Working around injuries is definitely not fun.

No chance with the high pulls, gonna test out low pulls and see what happens, it’s the upright row movement which really throws my right shoulder out, with the low row arms aren’t coming up so far so I feel these may be ok, as for shrugs these aren’t a problem as are laterals etc. so I think I may just have to replace upright rows and high pulls, I’ll sit down later and take a think about replacements and how to fit them in. Cheers mate