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I,Bodybuilder Still Active?


A few years ago, the I,Bodybuilder Anaconda Protocol was an amazing exercise to use. When searching and clicking on the link it is hard to see the full workout. I cannot click on various days to see the different sets/reps/exercises. There is also a big red line over the video pictures.

Did T-Nation close the workout site down? If not, what is the link to use and print off the tracking sheets again?

The link used:


Scroll down. All of the routines and templates are there. The videos appear to be covered by graphics, but you should still be able to search for them on youtube.


Correction to my post. You’re right, you cannot change the days, only the phase.


The reason you can’t see the videos is a bug on T-Nation website.
Until they fix it you can do the following to show the videos (on Chrome):
View > Developer > Javascript console
Paste the following code on the window that Chrome pops up:

and hit Enter.
You should be able to see videos now.


Glad to read your response davinci and helton.

The videos on youtube are very useful. How do we load the printed workouts so we know the routine (important)?


You can change the day at the end, just type in tuesday etc. manualy


Thank you Makkelol, works great!


Hey guys, I’ve finished the shoulder phase and want to printout the back phase.

Where did the logs go to print the workout?