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I-Bodybuilder Rack and Deadlift substitutions

Hi Christian,

I realize I-Bodybuilder is not the current recomendataion for programs but Im doing it bc I can do it in my alloted 1 hr time slot at work and I can do almost all of the movements with my back problems (externially rotated left hip, internally rotated right hip and no arch in my low back).

The shoulder phase was awesome and I grew a nice new muscle cap on my front delt and striations like Iv never seen before. My question is due to the above structural back issues I really cant do rack deads or regular deads. What can I do to replace them in the back phase of the program, was thinking Snatch grip high pulls, hang jump shrugs?

Thanks in advance, appreciate your time.

So, after pondering all the responses I decided to do SGHP instead of the rack deads and dead stop rack barbell rows. Session went well.