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I,BODYBUILDER Program in Action


I am a personal trainer and as part of my job I make videos of my peers and clients and got pressured to finally make one about myself so here it is. Basically I have put on 17lbs lean mass in 10 weeks with the I, Bodybuilder program and here's a video of me in action.






Wow, screw Ronnie Coleman and Yates videos this is my new preworkout pump mix! Brah, I got so pumped when you tossed those 12.5 lb DB's after you did that intense set of lateral raises, SO SICK! And then again when you did the overhead DB extension with the 50 and tossed that mother fucker to the ground and gave it the death stare?! INTENSE BRAH SO INTENSE!!!!!!

wipes jizz off keyboard


Well obviously this guys been juicing and I have no respect for that.


I'm wondering if u can give me any pointers on how to get huge






guys im serial i need help


You mean, like, ripped, toned, and lean, with lean muscle, right?

Being huge is grossssss


You see how he was repping those 300 lbs deadlifts and doing flies with 30 lb DBs? I THINK that's his secret, and he accidentally let it out on tape. Bwuahahahahaha now everyone will be huge like him!


Dude. Seriously?

I am a Personal Trainer myself...thanks.


hungry y r u talkin to me every1 knows u just have a huge powerbelly


Hush hush, I'm able to squeeze my belly behind me with one of those garter things they make for men that's on the infomercials, and make it LOOK like I just have big spinal erectors!! SO SNEAKY!


I'm not a personal trainer but I'm 210. Can I haz trainer certificate too?


NO NO NO! You need to pay money to get the special piece of paper dumbass!!

Gosh, you think they hand them out for free?


quit painting on your abz and muscles


i'm not 210 but i'm 230 what can i do


Curls up in bed and cries


PS I wonder if OP is like 6'8"? For being 204, he looks awful small....everywhere. Legs, back, chest, all little.


Oh fine. Guess I'll get a loan from the bank. Think the matchbox car I got out of a McDonald's happy meal would be sufficient enough collateral?