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I, Bodybuilder Monday - Friday


I did a search but nothing came up so I thought I would ask here; has anyone attempted to do the program from Monday to Friday? My thought is placing the Saturday workout on Thursday.

I got through two phases of IBB before but had to stop as weekends are almost impossible for me to do regularly. I probably won't see the same results but it should be better then a lot of other programs; unless someone can say they tried it with disastrous results.

Any advice/info?


You got it. Did it a few times that way due to prior commitments.

Just dont move Friday to Thursday.

Back to back is to much stress.


Yeah, checking out the workout plans again, I had forgotten that the Full Body was Saturday. I thought that Friday and Saturday we're reversed. Well, glad someone's tried it with success.

It'll be awhile before I get started on it, probably the new year.

Currently doing 4 days a week. Two Verticle Push/Pull, two Horizontal Push/Pull. All full body. See how it goes as I just started and don't want to switch to a new workout right away.