I, Bodybuilder Minus Supplements

So i’m pretty much resigned to not being able to afford the supplements for the program so i’m just really interested in seeing the results of the program with little supplementation.

I’m basically just looking to use the workouts as i’m a bit lost at the moment as to what to do. I’m assuming the workouts are gonna be great and although i will have significantly less progress without the para-workout setup, i am still excited at the prospect of starting a new program, escpecially the focus on lower reps, heavier weights and the whole CNS power deal (no disrecpect meant).

So i was just curious as to if anyone is sort of in the same boat as me?

Or should i just not bother with the program cos of the lack of supplements and just start lifting and eating on a solid program like starting strength?

I know nothing about the program. However i believe this question was asked in the article discussion and the response was that you would be crushed without the supplement protocal. In your situation i would say skip the program, eat well, use sometiong basic such as starting strength, ws4sb, or 5/3/1 and save the superprogram for when you have the money to complete it properly.


ok thanks dude

Are you using any supplements right now?

Obviously we don’t know what the workout is yet, but from reading many of CT’s posts, this program is so taxing on the CNS that you will not be able to recover properly from these workouts without proper para nutrition, including Anaconda, or something along those lines.

Do it without the supps and start a log. I’m sure tons of people will be curious.

You might be fine if you got the Genetics… CT has said himself he felt Drunk one morning because of CNS.